James Brand Carter Pocket Knife

If you’re the sort of man that likes to be as handy as possible and always prepared for any scenario, a versatile pocket knife should certainly be one of the cornerstones of your EDC line up and they don’t come much better than the Carter Pocket Knife from the guys at the James Brand. Available for £139, this excellent little accessory will ramp up your functionality on a daily basis and you’ll find yourself reaching for it for all sorts of circumstances during your day to day activities.

The James Brand Carter Pocket Knife is billed as their most advanced everyday carry knife to date and it boasts slide-lock technology, which is a first for the team at The James Brand. The slide-lock is incredibly secure, simple to understand and ambidextrous so will be suitable for you regardless of which is your dominant hand. It has been designed for use with one hand, and has been a staple mechanism of everyday carry knives for a long time.

Designed From The Ground Up

Serious about their EDC, The James Brand always put particular attention to detail in the little things with their awesome accessories and the Carter Pocket Knife is one of their most impressive to date. This cracking bit of kit is crafted from a Japanese-made VG-10 stainless steel blade which has first class edge-retention and corrosion resistance so you’ll find that the Carter is a mainstay of your EDC line up for many years to come.

The James Brand Carter Knife (£139) uses steel that was designed to handle the abuse of the culinary world, but because of its amazing characteristics, it’s found a home in the world of everyday carry and offers the sort of versatile performance that today’s contemporary man is sure to appreciate. The Carter Pocket Knife is available with G10 scales or in natural Micarta; both are fully sculpted and feel amazing in hand courtesy of their excellent ergonomic design.

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Carter Pocket Knife from The James Brand is how the opening style uses a symmetrical thumb-disc on top of the blade, which makes it great for easy, affirmative one-handed opening. The deep-carry pocket clip is the EDC brand’s deepest ever. It’s easily reversible (using a Torx T6, which is not included). If a pocket clip isn’t your thing you can replace the clip with the included lanyard insert.

Perfectly Portable

The Carter Pocket Knife from The James Brand is slim and lightweight, but fully capable in any environment so you’ll find yourself regularly reaching for it when you’re out in the wild or have some task around the home or office that needs completing. The thumb disc design means that the Carter is easy to use with one hand, so it’s at the ready in all situations. The Carter is going to immediately earn it’s spot in your EDC rotation.

With the price tag of £139, you’re getting a highly accomplished pocket knife for a mighty reasonable price with the Carter from The James Brand. If you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect addition to your EDC line up for 2020 and want something both incredibly robust and versatile, you’ve just found the ideal candidate.

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