James° × Sebo Walker Artist Series Pocket Knife

When it comes to EDC essentials, the guys at James° are always close to the top of our list here at The Coolector and they’ve just released an awesome collab with Sebo Walker as part of their Artist series of pocket knives. The James° × Sebo Walker Artist Series Pocket Knife sees the EDC brand create 50 limited-edition versions of the Duval knife with artwork from a piece that they commissioned from Sebo.

No two of the 50 James° × Sebo Walker Artist Series Pocket Knives are the same, and the artwork is different on either side of the knife. Each one comes with a set of numbered and signed prints of the original artwork that James° used to create the knives. Priced at $350 and available in highly limited numbers, this will definitely add a touch of exclusivity to your EDC lineup this summer.

Essential Piece of EDC

For this limited edition release James° teamed up with artist, skateboarder and family man Sebo Walker. He’s an Oregon local who has led a mighty interesting life whichever way you look at it. They choose Sebo as they have always been inspired by his colourful artwork and his positive outlook and this is something that positively shines through in this limited edition pocket knife.

The James° × Sebo Walker Artist Series Pocket Knives ($350) is based upon the brand’s Duval release that is its first and only front-flipper and combines the best features of two classic knife silhouettes into an elegant and functional new aesthetic. Traditional pocket knives typically need two hands to open and close, and they usually don’t lock but this one doesn’t and does respectively.

With its front-flipper opening style and its frame-lock design, the James° × Sebo Walker Artist Series Pocket Knife really is the best of both worlds: the one-handed opening and security of a traditional flipper frame-lock knife, in conjunction with a streamlined aesthetic, symmetry and beauty of a classic gentlemen’s pocket knife. What’s not to like?

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