Heineken® B.O.T.

Summer is prime outdoor beer imbibing time in our opinion here at The Coolector and appears that the guys at Heineken are in agreement on this if their bonkers but brilliant Heineken® B.O.T. is anything to go by. If you don’t like the thought of lugging a cooler full of craft beer around with you, this clever little machine will be right up your street.

The Heineken® B.O.T. is an automated robot that will follow you around with your beer in tow so you don’t have to take the strain of carrying around your amber nectar around the pool, beach or great outdoors. Whilst undoubtedly a gimmick of some sort and almost certainly not something that they intend to make commercially available, we definitely want to get our hands on one here at Coolector HQ and you can do just that one they’re making one available to win on July 1st.

Beer Lover’s Ideal Ally

Capable of holding up to 12 cans of beer, the Heineken® B.O.T. is perfectly suited to backyard BBQs or trips to the beach this summer and takes the legwork out of grabbing a cold one. This brilliant looking device from Heineken is going to be highly sought after amongst those with an affinity for beer and we’ll definitely be looking to win one for Coolector HQ.

The Heineken® B.O.T. is an impressive looking machine that has a playful A.I that will interact with you as you grab a cold one or two this summer and if you’re a fan of Heinken’s beers, you’ll be in your element with this small but perfectly formed robot that could be the future of coolers if we’re lucky and, most likely, have deep pockets.

As beer lovers at The Coolector, items like this always turn our heads and if you’re equally as enamoured with tech and beers, it will invariably be right up your street as well. If you want to have the chance to win one for your own summer boozing endeavours head on over to the Heineken site now.

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