Jet Capsule Yacht

Ever wanted to own a luxurious yacht but didn’t want to worry about a massive boat all the time? This is where the genius of the Jet Capsule comes in. The Jet Capsule is a small but luxurious yacht that minimizes the high costs of maintaining and keeping a boat in port while still being able to carry you and your closest friends in comfort and style. This futuristic-looking vessel is a whole new way of looking at yachting.

A quick look at the Jet Capsule might bring to mind science fiction films and books, but the design of the yacht is decidedly modern. It’s an aquatic mobility device that doesn’t stick the many of the conventions of boat design and styling. It’s an eye-catching vehicle both inside and out, and it’s the uniqueness that makes this vessel so cool.

Customizable and Futuristic Boating Experience

The Jet Capsule can be customized to fit your needs. There are multiple interior configurations that allow you to outfit your yacht in whatever way you see fit. The Classic Jet Capsule configuration features numerous seats in the cabin, a small table, and even a compact bathroom for longer trips across the water.

The Taxi Jet Capsule configuration features 12 passenger seats for easily transporting people from place to place. The Limousine Jet Capsule is equipped with two long couch-like seating arrangements for comfortable cruising.The last configuration is the Private Jet Capsule, which has four luxurious passenger seats and two end tables for lounging with friends, colleagues, or acquaintances.

All of them utilize the shape of the Jet Capsule to the fullest and give a sense of luxurious yachting with a much smaller footprint than many modern competitors.  As impressive as the interior configurations are, what really struck us was the Jet Capsule’s materials and design. The boat is made of 70 percent carbon by way of vacuum-infusion molding. It has photochromic windows all around. These windows change their transparency in response to light intensity.

Advanced Design and Technology

Powering the yacht is a hydro-propulsion system. There’s a choice between a single or dual engine systems. Power ranges from 370 hp to 740 hp, depending on the type of system chosen. That kind of power is good enough to launch the Jet Capsule to a top speed of 35 knots (40 mph), which is more than enough for a boat measuring only 24 ft in length. Cruising speed with a full load of 12 people excluding the driver is about 23 knots (26 mph).

The team behind Jet Capsule is a dedicated group that describes themselves as “entrepreneurs, dreamers, designers, engineers and boat builders.” It is innovative ideas like the Jet Capsule that move the world forward, and if you’re looking for a truly unique yacht, you’d better take a closer look at this machine.

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