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It is apparent that it takes a madcap mind to sate our artistic appetite here at Coolector HQ and, truth be told, we’ve encountered few more minds more wonderfully deranged than that of Spanish artist, illustrator and graphic designer, Juan Carlos Paz, who, in his phenomenal series of illustrations, has left us both mesmerised and amused in equal measure.

Paz, who goes by the moniker -bakea- is definitely an illustrator who superbly captures exactly what we love in art here at The Coolector i.e. completely non-sensical imagery fantastically realised and boasting a humorous edge. All of the first rate pieces from this mega-talented Spanish chap’s hand definitely excel in all the areas above and there isn’t a single one of his illustrations (which we’ve just spent the last 30 minutes perusing) that haven’t left us entirely satisfied.

If you too like your artwork bonkers yet strangely compelling, you’ve find a new illustrative best friend in the form of -bakea – and we absolutely love his off-the-wall approach to illustrating. Check out a few more of his awesome imaginings below:





This is a mere drop in Paz’s ocean of considerable awesomeness and there are many, many more illustrations of an equally weird and wonderful slant to be enjoyed if you’ve got a taste for his impeccable talents from the taster above.

We love illustration here at Coolector HQ and when it’s done as well as these brilliant offerings from -bakea- we can genuinely spend hours positively agog whilst we enjoy it. If you’re a fan of this type of art as well, you’ll no doubt join us in adding Paz to your list of illustrators who are simply too good to ignore.

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