Juiced Bikes Scrambler E-Bike

Whilst its fair to say that most e-bikes on the market are designed with urban commuting in mind, we’ve long been waiting for a  brand that is can cater to both wildness orientated adventures and urban commutes here at Coolector HQ. Well, our prayers have been answered in the shape of the Juiced Bikes Scrambler E-Bike which is funding over on Indiegogo as we speak. This majestic steed has a throwback style and contemporary tech to deliver the best of both worlds.

The Juiced Bikes Scrambler E-Bike on Indiegogo has already massively surpassed its funding target and this is because it is exactly the sort of thing the adrenaline inclined have been waiting for. Combining considerable style and purpose, this awesome scrambler will make tackling outdoor terrains effortless, fun and exhilarating and you’ll be blown away by just how good a performance it delivers when riding across fields, dirt roads, alleyways, city streets, or anywhere in-between.

Great Price

With three different models to choose from – the City Scrambler, Camp Scrambler and Hyper Scrambler – it is easy to find one best suited to the sort of locations that you’ll be riding it. Each one has its own merits and price-tag (the Camp being $999 for a limited time during the Indiegogo campaign, the City $999 and the Hyper $2299) so you’ll be able to think about whether you’re more likely to be scrambler across city streets or flying down woodland trails and pick your steed accordingly.

The Juiced Bikes Scrambler E-Bike boasts a class-leading 52 volt battery which will keep going for 35+ miles before you need to do a recharge. It also has either a 750wt or 1100wt motor that delivers top speeds of just under 30MPH. It is the robust and well crafted from suspension fork of this bike that makes it so suited for tackling wilderness terrains and you’ll overcome almost any obstacle with considerable ease aboard this first class ride.

Available for as little as $999 for a limited time during the Indiegogo campaign, the Juiced Bikes Scrambler E-Bike represents exceptional value for money when compare to other rides on the market. Joining together the latest in e-bike technology with an eye-catching old-school type design, it’s not hard to see why this steed is resonating so much with those looking for a new means of getting about whether this be in urban landscapes or woodland terrains.

Years in the Making

Juiced Bikes have been working on this Scrambler E-Bike for a number of years now and have been striving to ensure it delivers the ultimate in style and performance. And from what we’ve seen here at Coolector HQ, it’s mission well and truly accomplished. Not only does it have the sort of vintage vibe that will appeal to adrenaline seekers the world over, it offers an impressive top speed and range that sets it apart from the competition.

For anyone looking to make their first foray into the e-bike market and wants something that looks both supremely cool and performs impeccably but, crucially, doesn’t break the bank, the amazing Juiced Bikes Scrambler E-Bike is definitely going to tick all of the right boxes. With a few weeks left to pick yours up for a bargain price, head on over to Indiegogo now and pick from the City, Camp and Hyper Scrambler.

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