Jül Heated Smart Mug

For those of you that love technology and coffee (or any beverage to be honest), there is another impressive accessory from Power Practical that will likely capture your imagination in the form of this excellent looking Jül Heated Smart Mug which is entering its final throws over on Kickstarter right now.

The Jül Heated Smart Mug is essentially a thoughtfully crafted tumbler that will keep hot beverages at the perfect temperature from the first sip to the last drop which makes it the perfect accessory for your morning commute and make sure you get your morning fix of caffeine in gadgety style.

Go, Go Gadget Coffee

As rather big advocates of both coffee and technology here at Coolector HQ, it was somewhat of an inevitably that this awesome looking Jül Heated Smart Mug was going to right up our street and if you’re similarly enamoured with such things, you’ll likely want to grab yourself a last minute bargain over on Kickstarter too. Overcoming the problem of traditional travel mugs that invariably cool too quickly leaving you with a beverage that doesn’t taste as good as you’d like, the Jül Heated Smart Mug both looks and feels like your favorite tumbler but, crucially, will cool quickly to your desired temperature and stays there rather than becoming too cold, too quick.

The Jül Heated Smart Mug lets you simply give the frame a quick twist, and, in doing so, lets you dictate your preferred drinking temperature with an impressive degree of accuracy and keeps it there while it is placed on it’s USB-connected coaster. There are all sorts of impressive features to be found with the Jül Heated Smart Mug including a spill-resistant rubber seal, twist operated temperature dial, micro-USB powered coaster and a temperature light indicator.

A morning coffee is something that most people require to kickstart their day and this expertly crafted and supremely functional Jül Heated Smart Mug is one of the best means of administering this caffeine hit that we’ve encountered here at Coolector HQ. To save valuable space for as much coffee as possible and to enhance its lifespan, the Jül is battery-free. This is important not only because it helps keep it lightweight but also because it helps to keeps costs down and make it a more affordable accessory for the consumer.

Intuitive Design

For those of us that drink coffee frequently throughout the day, the design of the Jül Heated Smart Mug is aimed to seamlessly integrate into any space and unobtrusively merge with your workspace without getting in the way of what you’re doing and delivering the perfectly heated coffee as and when you need it.

You’ll need to move quickly if you want to get your hands on one of these cracking accessories as the Kickstarter clock is rapidly winding down and given that it’s more than doubled its target on the crowdfunding platform, it is plain to see that we’re not the only ones that needs one of these Jül Heated Smart Mugs in our lives.

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