Jurassic Park x Reebok Instapump Fury Sneakers

We love Jurassic Park here at The Coolector. We’re not sure we love it quite enough to rock these Jurassic Park x Reebok Instapump Fury Sneakers but we’ve got to admit they’re a bold piece of footwear that will definitely be right up the street of those streetwear aficionados who like to make bold, head-turning choices with their fashion picks.

The Jurassic Park x Reebok Instapump Fury Sneakers are hitting shelves on June 1st and sees these Steven Smith-designed Reebok Instapump Fury footwear diving into the Lost World for a brand-new collaborative effort with one of the largest, most celebrated film franchises in the history of the silver screen. If you love Isla Nublar et al and want some striking footwear to celebrate this fact, these Jurassic Park x Reebok Instapump Fury Sneakers are definitely going to tick all of the right boxes.

Life Errrr…..Finds A Way

These eye-catching sneakers aim to replicate Jurassic Park’s iconic truck detail, boasting uppers of a green and yellow gradient slashed with red claw marks throughout in an ideal nod to the original vehicle from the movie. The signature wordmark lettering stands out in striking 3D rubber at the front and rear pulls reading “Reebok Classic” and “Jurassic Park” respectively, while the instantly recognisable T-Rex silhouette logo can be found on the tongue.

Interestingly, for these Jurassic Park x Reebok Instapump Fury Sneakers, the Reebok branding has been taken off at the forefoot and heel, while the sole has a special tear design that showcases the internal workings of the truck. Rounding out the design of this visually impactful sneakers is an elegant tan leather liner and special co-branded graphic insole set.

Priced at $180, these are going to be the cornerstone piece of any sneakerheads collection given just how bold a design they boast. As you’re likely aware, the new Jurassic World 3: Dominion film originally scheduled for a mid-2021 release, so it’s likely Reebok would be timing a coincided release so you can expect to see the movie in cinemas sooner rather than later and what better footwear to have on for the occasion than this?

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