Kammok Burro Packs

Not all bags are created equal and some accessories just have adventure and wilderness excursions in their blood. One such series of accessories is these excellent looking Burro Packs from Kammok which are funding over on Kickstarter as we speak and should be your next essential purchase before heading into the wild this autumn. They are a series of modular, waterproof packs to carry your time outside ever farther and the Burro Packs are designed for the everyday, wherever you may roam.

The Kammok Burro Packs on Kickstarter consists of three different accessories – namely, the Burro Zip 18, Burro Roll 26, and Burro Duffel 30 – and each will offer a different sort of functionality and versatility to the user. Each pack is pleasingly lightweight and the modular design really does ramp up the versatility of these carries extensively. Incredibly robust and built for adventuring in the outdoors, these packs are perfectly suited to anyone with a love of hiking, camping and exploring and won’t let you down whatever the weather.

Take Your Pick

You might not need every piece within this Burro Pack collection from Kammok but with each carry offering its own usefulness, you’re sure to find the right one for your adventures. The Burro Zip 18 has a pre-order price of $99 and is an 18L go-to daypack which is lightweight and fully equipped to trek from sunrise to summit. The Burro Roll 26 is available for $129 during the Kickstarter campaign and this one is a 26L pack which is suitable for the wilderness trail or the city alike and robust enough to last for the long haul. Last but not least, there is the Burro Duffel 30 which has the pre-order price of $109 and offers 30L of storage and a modular design that is perfect for longer trips on and off the trail.

Obviously each Kammok Burro Pack has its own features and merits but there are some features which are included across the board that you’ll find in all three. This includes the fact they are all lightweight, versatile and modular in design which makes each of them fully customisable for every adventure you head out on. Each pack is crafted from robust, lightweight fabrics and the Burro Packs will fit into a Hip Pack or Dopp Kit when not in use.

All Burro Packs come with a mighty handy modular back pad and waist belt so you can customise the pack to your comfort preferences when heading out on a hike or outdoor adventure. From the Ember Orange interior for high visibility into the pack, to the thoughtfully placed gear loops and compression straps, every detail was obsessed upon to make sure the final performance is exactly what the adventure inclined demand from their outdoor accessories.

Made For Adventure 

As you would expect from carries made for adventuring in the great outdoors, Kammok have carefully chosen the materials used in their Burro Packs. They feature their  newest technical fabric, Adamas™, which is a waterproof and abrasion-resistant material built to withstand travel on and off trail. It is engineered from Kammok’s Lunarwave™ 70D diamond ripstop nylon, and Adamas™ has a bonded laminate core and double-sided PU coating for a waterproof finish ideal for any outdoor excursions.

With plenty of different carries to choose from within this Burro Pack selection from Kammok on Kickstarter, you’re sure to find the ideal accessories for your next hiking or camping adventure out into the wild. We’re loving the stealthy design and robust performance of these packs here at Coolector HQ and you can rest assured the next time we head out into nature, we’ll have some of these Burro Packs in tow.

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