Slobots Mid Century Inspired Prints

Robots and vintage design are very much in our wheelhouse here at Coolector HQ so you’ll not be surprised to hear that we’ve fallen for these awesome looking Slobots Mid Century Inspired Prints which will add a touch of old school cool to any workspace or home design endeavour. With plenty of different robot prints to choose from, you’ll probably want to get your hands on a few of the different ones available.

These Slobots Mid Century Inspired Prints are part of a series of designs which have been created with mid-century and space age design in mind. In this series of robot paintings, prints and sculptures, Mike Slobot has been inspired by 50s + 60s Art and Mid-century Modern, Space Age and Bauhaus Design. If you love striking pieces of design and artwork, this excellent collection of prints will definitely be right up your street.

A Celebration of a Landmark

Mike Slobot has been on our radar here at The Coolector for a while now but we didn’t realise he’s been creating his amazing robotic creations for 15 years now and these Mid Century Inspired Prints are a celebration of this landmark. Inspired by Slobot’s affinity for Space Age Modern and Mid-Century Design, there’s a lot to love about these majestic looking prints. The use of – what was then a new product – plastic and the excitement over space travel and new technologies made this a really interesting mix. It was a time of hope and change that seems so exciting and this shines through in the prints he’s created which capture the essence of his robot creations perfectly.

The Slobot Mid Century Inspired Prints are pleasing affordable with prices starting at just $25 so you’ll be able to get a few of these up on your walls without having to spend a fortune if you like what you see. Slobot started thinking about his influences as an artist, so he decided to take some of his inspirations and create robots from that time period, using TVs and radios as the heads of the Slobots to deliver these engaging and striking prints that we’re definitely looking at getting for Coolector HQ.

There are eight prints to choose from in this launch collection from Slobot – four with radio heads and four with TV heads – and they all have their own unique character and aesthetic. There is a wonderful vintage vibe to the design that will effortlessly fit into a lot of interior design aesthetics, particularly around the home office. Vibrant in the use of colour, these first class prints from Mike Slobot are sure to turn heads aplenty wherever you choose to hang them.

Find The Right Size

Available in a number of different sizes to suit your wall space, these Slobot Mid Century Inspired Prints can be bought in the following sizes – 8″ x 10″, 11″ x 17″, and our favourite 13″ x 19″ – but you can also request a custom size if you’re wanting to go a touch bigger or smaller than what’s already available.

If, like us, you love old school style prints for your home or office, these ace looking, robot-inspired ones from Mike Slobot are sure to fit the bill pretty well. Great to look at, pleasingly priced and available in a number of different sizes – what’s not to like? We can’t wait to see if there will be some more prints added to this collection further down the line.

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