Kantoor Karavaan

Finding a fortress of solitude in which to carry out our day to day operations is something that massively appeals to us here at Coolector HQ and having grown up in woodland, there have been few that have taken our fancy quite as much of the fantastic looking, stylish and technologically superior, Kantoor Karavann.

As the name might indicate, the Kantoor Karavaan is the work of a Netherlands design team and it is crafted with working in the woodland wilderness in mind and, quite frankly, we can think of few places that would be a more suitable catalyst for creativity than this.

The Kantoor Karavaan is designed to be an off-the-grid, mobile workspace, giving you a whole host of opportunities for making new locales your office but, truth be told, it is the awesome aesthetic that draws us towards this excellent construct. Check out a few more shots of the Kantoor below:





Working in remote spaces in the middle of the woods is something that everyone should try if they find themselves overly distracted by the hustle and bustle of day to day in the city and it can be quite a revolutionary experience to head out into the wild in search of inspiration – but, it’s fair to say, not all the places you work from will be as aesthetically pleasing as the Kantoor Karavaan.

Though these brilliant looking constructs are currently commercially available – its creators offer Dutch workers the chance to travel to it and capitalise on its great setting – we’re definitely hoping that they will be put on the open market as we’ve got our eye on one already here at Coolector HQ.

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