Karin Monster Plate Dinnerware

We love to eat here at Coolector HQ but, let’s face it, plates are typically pretty boring affairs but they needn’t be – something which is admirably illustrated (literally) by these brilliant looking Karin Monster Plate Dinnerware which is currently funding over on Kickstarter.

With each plate featuring a hand-drawn design, the excellent Karin Monster Plate Dinnerware intermingles centuries old tradition with a decidedly contemporary twist and the end result is some awesome dinner ware that will make meal time that bit more entertaining.

There are four designs to choose from with these 9″ plates and each is a playful, illustrative offering with all sorts of fantastically drawn monsters forming the base of the design. They have been fired at high temperatures which makes them incredibly resilient and you can check out a few more shots of these cracking plates below:










For those of you who want to ramp up the style of your dinnerware and want something that isn’t a plain old boring plate, then this Kickstarter project is definitely the one for you. Brilliantly drawn illustrations positively bring these plates to life and we’re loving the great attention to detail that has gone into each of the designs. If you’ve liked what you’ve seen with the Karin Monster Plate Dinnerware, you’ve still got an abundance of time to show your support for it over on Kickstarter.

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