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We don’t know about you but when it comes to looking for new bags and accessories here at The Coolector, we always seek out top quality gear which is built to stand the test of time and steer clear of high quantity, low quality brands who create wares that are not built for adventure. So far as this sort of quality is concerned, the sort of accessory you’ll want to pass from one generation to the next, they don’t come much better than Kasperi and their fantastic line up of bags and accessories.

Kasperi are a brand born out of a passion for functional goods that last for a lifetime. They are firm believers that good design is something that gets passed on from one generation to the next. Things should be repaired and passed on instead of discarded and this is an ethos that shines through in all their excellent bags. Their design and construction aim for the ultimate functionality, longevity, and serviceability and if you’re after your next adventure ready bag, Kasperi are definitely the brand for you.

Brilliant Backpacks

Though they offer a number of accessories, it is Kasperi’s backpacks which truly set them apart from the competition. When you buy a Kasperi leather backpack, you buy it for life. It is clear that the brand are obsessed with how each detail contributes to the lifespan of their products and nowhere is this more apparent than with their incredible Fold Top Backpack.

Thick full-grain vegetable-tanned leather is the main material which makes Kasperi’s superb backpacks so impressive and each one boasts a tangible sense of quality to the touch and a classy aesthetic. These backpacks just keep on getting better with time and each passing outdoor adventure that you take them on. Versatility and great ergonomics will rapidly make a Kasperi backpack your new favourite daily accessory.

Another stand out product from Kasperi is their Large Backpack (€424) which comes in both brown and black. This elegant and understated accessory offers unparalleled comfort and is perfect for daily use in city and even for weekend trips to great outdoors. It has a detachable laptop sleeve which is attached to the top to let the bag conform the shape of your back. The streamlined design will keep the centre of gravity close to the back and the bag feels perfectly balanced even with heavier loads and it is an excellent choice for cycling.

Sustainable Accessories

Sustainability is one of the main objectives of Kasperi and they weave this into all the first class accessories that they craft. They use local manufacturing in Forssa by Suomen Käsityöteollisuus Ltd, Finland who strive for the highest ethical and ecological standards and all their products are made using only the highest-quality vegetable-tanned leather tanned from Europe.

For anyone on the hunt for a high quality backpack for their spring and summer adventures (for many years to come), Kasperi would definitely be one of our first ports of call here at Coolector HQ. Made from the highest quality materials with an exceptional level of craftsmanship, these backpacks truly are in a league of their own.

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