Kayak Point House

It goes without saying that the Pacific Northwest is one of America’s most picturesque regions and it is for this reason that you’ll find so many amazing pieces of architecture there. Well, you can certainly add Kayak Point House from Seattle based Christopher Wright Architecture to that list and it boasts a design that aims to celebrates the lush foliage the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Wonderfully contemporary from an aesthetic point of view, Kayak Point House from Christopher Wright Architecture has a design and layout which is informed by several preserved large cedar trees on the plot of land on which it is built and is also partly inspired by the Swiss heritage of one of the property’s owners.

Breathtaking Part of the World

Verdant with dramatic landscapes and coastlines, it is little wonder that the Pacific Northwest is such a popular part of the United States and with stunning pieces of architecture like this Kayak Point House, its appeal is ramped up still further. As the owners wanted to keep the large cedar trees intact, the central section of the building was given two large steel beams that help suspend the entryway and study instead of a traditional foundation. This effect provided a bridge between the bedrooms and living areas and a striking visual impact to boot.

The Kayak Point House was purpose designed as a single-level space to further enhance its connection with nature and the architects wanted to create a home that seems to belong where it is – as if it could have always been there – but does not necessarily blend or disappear into its surroundings as is often the case with residential properties in locations such as this.

Communal areas in Kayak Point House include a European-inspired kitchen which can be found adjacent to an informal dining nook, a sitting area by the fireplace, a sun trap space designed for rest and relaxation while overlooking the landscape and an outdoor space which is perfectly positioned for viewing the sunset or the wonderful array of nature which surrounds this beautiful home.

Sleek Interiors

We love the way in which the Kayak Point House from Christoper Wright Architects has been decorated here at Coolector HQ and there is an abundant amount of wood used throughout the interior design aesthetic which makes it a really relaxing and welcoming place to spend time. It fits in perfectly with its wilderness setting and adds a real touch of class to proceedings.

Kayak Point House is exactly the sort of architecture that we can’t help but fall for here at Coolector HQ and for anyone with a love of understated visuals and a clever use of materials, this one will definitely be right up your street as well. Located in one of our favourite parts of the world, this superb piece of architecture definitely gets two thumbs up from us.

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