Kelvin Home Coffee Roaster

The more we think about coffee, the more we realise how much of a catalyst it is for our own creativity here at Coolector HQ, so we’re always on the hunt for brilliant accessories and devices pertaining to caffeine and they don’t come much better than this Kelvin Home Coffee Roaster which is funding on Kickstarter now. One for the coffee lovers, this cracking device is billed as a great way to custom roast fresh beans, explore new flavours, save money, and reduce waste.

The Kelvin Home Coffee Roaster on Kickstarter will really let you discover a whole new side of coffee and introduce the deliciousness of freshly roasted beans to your own home. This cracking machine will make coffee roasting at home much more straightforward and elegant, courtesy of the eye-catching aesthetics and design of the machine itself. It will help you to unlock the benefits of home coffee roasting for all coffee drinkers from the novice to the connoisseur.

Coffee At Its Finest

Needless to say, the fresher the coffee, the better the taste and the Kelvin Home Coffee Roaster will help ensure you get some of the freshest coffee possible in your own home or office. This cleverly conceived device is taking Kickstarter by storm and it is the best way to ensure the coffee you make is always fresh and delicious. The Kelvin has an efficient roast cycle which provides roasted coffee in under ten minutes, which lets you uncover the mesmerising taste of freshly roasted coffee, whenever you want it.

The Kelvin Home Coffee Roaster is the ideal means of expanding your coffee palate and exploring new, exciting flavours in your own home. This expertly designed and crafted machine is the first home coffee roasting system which also lets you pick a curated selection of green coffee beans which will be delivered straight to you. The entire process is in your hands, so you have the control and range to experiment with various different coffee bean origins, roasting times, blends, and flavours to truly experience a new side to coffee from first crack to French roast.

If you’re spending a lot on coffee already, the Kelvin Home Coffee Roaster might be an ideal means of saving money on your coffee spend as unroasted beans are normally around half the price of craft roasted beans. In addition to this, unroasted beans will also stay fresh for months, while roasted coffee can often lose their taste in a matter of days. So, you’ll not end up throwing out unused coffee beans if you’ve got one of these excellent devices in your kitchen.

First Class Design

The design quality of the Kelvin Home Coffee Roaster is second to none and it has been made with first-time explorer to the seasoned do-it-yourself coffee aficionado in mind. In today’s coffee loving world, it has become much more straightforward for everyone to experiment and unearth the considerable complexity of craft coffee with set-and-go, perfectly roasted beans at any time of the day. So, if you’re really want to push the envelope with your coffee quaffing in 2018, this is the device for you.

Although it’s funding target is already a speck in the rear-view mirror, there is still plenty of time for you to get behind the Kelvin Home Coffee Roaster on Kickstarter if you’ve liked what you’ve seen. Easy to set up and simple to use, this cracking contraption might just change the way you view and enjoy coffee from now on.

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