Kings Wild Project Beowulf Playing Cards

Truth be told, Kings Wild Project have propelled themselves to the top of our list whenever we want a new deck of playing cards and that’s because they always create unique designs which set them apart from the competition and their latest release, the Beowulf Playing Cards, are going to appeal to an awful lot of people out there. Us included.

The Beowulf Playing Cards from Kings Wild Project have a price tag of $16 and are one of the many decks from this awesome design studio based upon classic literature. Jackson Robinson, the man behind Kings Wild Project, has designed this eye-catching deck which takes its design inspiration from the legendary tale of Beowulf. 

Visually Vibrant Deck

As with all the releases from Kings Wild Project, the Beowulf Deck has got an awful lot about it from a visual perspective and it will add a real aesthetic impact to your games of poker, blackjack et al in 2021. Designed to look like an ancient book, some of the stand out features of this deck include a book spine, blood-stained leather binding, and frayed paper edges, and wear-and-tear that look like you have the book itself, sitting on the shelf.

The court cards of the Kings Wild Project Beowulf Deck ($16) include characters such as Beowulf, Wiglaf, Grendal, Hrothgar, and many others and will be instantly recognisable to fans of the literature. Each card has been designed with an intricate wooden design with gold foiling to emphasise the classical and ancient nature of the story. 

You’ll not find many graphic designers more accomplished at designing decks of cards than Kings Wild Project and they’ve garnered a mighty big following already based on the awesomeness of their playing cards. The Beowulf Deck is undoubtedly one of our favourites to date here at Coolector HQ and it has such striking artwork that it is a deck which really is impossible to ignore.

Ace in the Hole

As you may have noticed, we’ve got a particular penchant for playing cards here at The Coolector and we’re always first in line when Kings Wild Project have got a new deck – especially one as epically cool as this Beowulf Deck. The attention to detail in the design is entirely unparalleled and for a deck of cards to go into this much detail is pretty unprecedented.

At just $16, this breathtaking deck from Kings Wild Project represents great value for money and if you’re a poker aficionado (or a fan of classic literature for that matter), you’ll not regret getting your hands on this super cool deck. We can’t wait to see what design the guys at Kings Wild Project come up with next.

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