Kings Wild Project General Admission Playing Cards

We’re regularly featuring unusual looking playing cards here on the pages of The Coolector and Kings Will Project are rapidly becoming our go-to for new decks that catch the eye. The latest to have captured our imagination is the awesome looking General Admission Playing Cards which, as with all the decks from this excellent brand, have a visual vibrance and design calibre that really is second to none.

The Kings Wild Project General Admission Playing Cards have a price tag of $15 which is a great price for such a great looking deck that will add an aesthetic superiority to all your card games and magic tricks in the future. Vintage vibes abound again with this latest deck from Kings Wild Project and if that’s the sort of look and feel you gravitate towards with your EDC then this is definitely the deck for you.

Old School Aesthetics

General Admission was the Kings Wild Shorts Subscription deck for May, 2020 and, as you might expect, was one of the card brand’s most popular and successful to date such is its unparalleled visual appeal. The design inspiration for this unique and effortlessly cool deck of cards came from Jackson’s draw towards vintage ticket stubs from the early 20th century which had a highly engaging design aesthetic.

The Kings Wild Project General Admission Playing Cards ($15) is printed by EPCC and the semi-gloss tuck case is designed to resemble the layout of a ticket stub, including the gate number, section, row, and seat, which hide an Easter Egg for those who follow Jackson’s design themes closely. The complex back design plays along the same lines, and adds design elements resembling some of Kings Wild’s currency decks, along with the iconic logo. 

When you you open the deck, you’ll find the familiar Kings Wild motto, “Work with your hands. Mind your own business.” Inside, the cards take this deck to the next level of vintage nostalgia, with large amounts of texture, a wide array of vibrant and visually interesting patterns, and bold design elements that will turn heads aplenty and add a splash of colour to your card games. The court cards feature mirrored, full-body characters – which is a first for designer, Jackson Robinson. 

Play Your Cards Right

If you’re serious about your playing cards and love getting new decks to play with, subscribing to Kings Wild Project seems like a no-brainer because you’ll be getting decks as awesome as these General Admission Playing Cards through your letterbox on a regular basis. Some of the most visually vibrant playing cards we’ve encountered, they’re hard not to love.

The General Admission Playing Cards from Kings Wild Project will set you back just $15 which is a small price to pay for such a well made and striking deck of cards. We can’t wait to see what new designs Kings Wild Project come up with in the rest of 2020 and beyond.

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