Kings Wild Project Postage Paid – Standard Edition Playing Cards

We’re not going to lie (and it’s obvious because we’ve written about them so much), we loving playing cards here at The Coolector and there is one brand that has recently come to our attention for the awesomeness of their offerings in this regard – namley, Kings Wild Project – and their latest release, the Postage Paid – Standard Edition Playing Cards merely reinforces our burgeoning love of this top notch studio.

The Kings Wild Project Postage Paid – Standard Edition Playing Cards have a wallet friendly price tag of $15 and, considering their uniqueness and just how cool they are, this is definitely a price worth paying in our opinion. These classy looking playing cards are, as the name suggests, inspired by the postal service and the deck and packaging has a vintage style aesthetic which is sure to appeal to plenty of people out there – us included.

Postage Perfection

There is an super cool visual impact to these postage inspired playing cards from Kings Wild Project. The Postage Paid deck was originally inspired by a close playing card collector friend of Kings Wild Project called Joseph Pierson. He has one of the most extensive and diverse playing card collections in the world and was heavily involved in the design aesthetic of this fantastic looking deck of cards.

The Kings Wild Project Postage Paid – Standard Edition Playing Cards ($15) are one of the coolest looking decks we’ve seen in a while at The Coolector. They are inspired by Joseph’s Instagram feed, where he posted images of playing cards from the early 20th century that were written on and sent as postcards. Using cast-off playing cards was a common occurrence before the post office made the minimum size of a parcel 4″x 6″.

This collection of playing card “postcards” sparked the idea in the brain of Kings Wild Project as they wanted to see the rest of the cards in the incomplete deck Joseph had managed to piece together over the years. They set to task and created their own deck of postcards playing cards, using Joseph’s unique deck as the springboard for the idea. 

Attention to Detail

As a special feature of this awesome looking deck, they asked all of the Kings Wild Shorts subscribers to send in a fictitious address that meant something to them so that they could be immortalised within the deck in their own special way. Each card also has a traditional style “postage paid” stamp, canceling out the postage stamp. All 50 states are present with a city representing the state.

Priced at just $15, this will be the stand out deck of playing cards in anyone’s collection and we’re loving the vintage vibes that it positively exudes here at The Coolector. If you’re in the market for a new deck of playing cards this summer, you can call off the search because you’ve just found the perfect one.

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