Classic Overland KROK Land Rover Defender

There are certain workshops which we can’t help but gravitate towards here at Coolector HQ when it comes to Land Rover builds and Classic Overland are chief amongst them. And for good reason. A fine example of why we love their exemplary builds so much comes in the shape of this KROK Land Rover Defender which is one of the latest to emerge from their workshop and comes with a price tag of $135k which is far and away the best pricing in the industry on premium full off chassis restorations and could potentially save you over $50k compared to similar vehicles.

The Classic Overland KROK Land Rover Defender is an off-roading colossus and comes in an aesthetically striking Willow Green Metallic colourway that we’re huge fans of here at The Coolector. This behemoth of a machine is inspired by the African crocodiles that inhabit the rivers and lakes of Southern Africa and, courtesy of its impressive components, can dominate the landscapes in the same way as its namesake.

No Nonsense Performance

This Defender 110 KROK Edition Land Rover from Classic Overland uses a repowered V8 engine with fuel injection which has been combined with a visually superior tan and brown interior that adds a real touch of class to proceedings and makes this a stand out candidate to be your next off-roading machine of choice. It has a 5-speed manual transmission and an overlanding style that will really make it appeal to those Land Rover aficionados that love machines that are made for adventure.

The Classic Overland 110 KROK Edition Land Rover ($135k) has left hand drive steering and everywhere you look with this build there are some mighty impressive features to be appreciated. Some of the stand out characteristics of this first class build include a Matte Black Bumper with LED Runners, KBX air intakes, 16″ Wolf Wheels and Maxxis Bighorn Oversized Tires.

Things are just as impressive when you climb into the cabin of this Classic Overland KROK Land Rover Defender. You’ll be treated to excellent features such as African leather seats, a centre console with custom cubby w/dual cup holders and dual USB ports, a Kenwood/Garmin 7” LCD entertainment system with reverse camera and JBL-6 Way speakers with sub-woofer.

Top Class Workshop

Classic Overland are a workshop that have been on our radar for some time now here at Coolector HQ and we’re always wowed by the calibre of their builds with the KROK Defender being no exception. Classic Overland goes to great lengths to find a quality, vintage Land Rover Defender 110 before they go about their restorations. Once they find one, they remove all of the nuts and bolts and do a full mechanical work-over and you end up with a machine as extraordinary as the KROK.

As you’re likely aware, we’ve certainly got a soft spot for Defenders here at Coolector HQ and Classic Overland are unquestionably right up there with the best of them when it comes to restoration builds. Impeccably detailed both inside and out with an attention to detail that is beyond compare, it’s easy to see why this workshop is held in such high regard throughout the States and beyond.

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