Kings Wild Project Sherlock Holmes Playing Cards

If you’re a fan of murder mystery novels, chances are you will have read a few Sherlock Holmes adventures in your time. If you count yourself a fan of The Hounds of the Baskervilles et al, you may well want to sit up and take notice of these brilliant looking Kings Wild Project Sherlock Holmes Playing Cards which are a tribute to the master of deduction himself.

If you want to evoke a mind palace while playing a few hands of poker with your mates, these Sherlock Holmes Playing Cards are sure to help you with this endeavour. Priced at a thoroughly reasonable $16, this is the latest eye-catching release from Coolector HQ favourite, Kings Wild Project, and boasts all sorts of great little nods to the master detective in their card design.

Elementary, My Dear Watson

Based upon an earlier Kickstarter release, this new Sherlock Holmes deck has been redesigned by the man behind Kings Wild Project, Jackson Robinson, and boasts a highly striking aesthetic which will appeal to fans of both playing cards and the detective himself. All of the visually vibrant releases from Kings Wild Project resonate with our sensibilities here at The Coolector but there is something about this Sherlock Holmes offering that really appeals.

The Kings Wild Project Sherlock Holmes Playing Cards ($16) are a great example of the sort of stylised design that Jackson Robinson has cultivated with his decks and they are one of the most impressively finished selection of playing cards that you’re ever likely to encounter. We always eagerly await new releases from Kings Wild Project and they never disappoint.

Robinson redesigned this early kickstarter deck that takes its design inspiration from the books and illustrations from the original The Strand Magazine Publication with new multi-coloured foiling and all-new artwork that is a knowing nod to the original publications. This deck of playing cards is sure to be a new favourite and a must-have for your collection.

Play For Keeps

The quality of the different releases from Kings Wild Project really are second to none and that’s so many people subscribe to their subscription service to get early access to their new deck releases. This Sherlock Holmes offering is one of our favourites to date here at Coolector HQ and if you want to add a touch of class to your poker nights, look no further.

Available for just $16, these great-looking playing cards are printed using the finest materials and craftsmanship technique to deliver a deck which will last for years to come. Sherlock Holmes would definitely be a keen advocate of the aesthetic superiority of this deck and we can’t see what comes under Kings Wild Project’s purview next.

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