Knock On Wood

We all need a little luck in life and we’re a superstitious bunch here at The Coolector, regularly seen saluting magpies and circumnavigating ladders in the streets of London so we’re always on the lookout for good luck charms to fill up our headquarters. A fact that leads us nicely onto this rather awesome project that we came across on Kickstarter that goes by the name of Knock On Wood.

The project is born out of the superstitious traditions of a couple of architects and designers, with Wesley Tran at their creative ship’s tiller, who have routinely being knocking on the same piece of wood for luck for years now and decided that they shouldn’t hold this luck in and let it fly free instead with their excellent looking Knock On Wood project which, essentially, takes it’s design lead from the intricacy of US currency and, on top of looking sorts of awesome, actually holds a rather spiffing poker set within its superbly designed innards.

The bunch of Calgary designers describe their project thusly:

One third pop-art graphic piece, and third industrial design object, and one third packaging in itself. Furthermore, the project emphasizes the notion of handcrafting objects and graphic design.

This is all well and good, of course, but our main concern here at The Coolector is that it looks awesome and that, sir, it surely does. Check out a few of the impressive shots of the project below:



If we’ve seen a more impressive poker set in our lives, I’d be very surprised and whilst we here at The Coolector are totally and utterly inept at poker, maybe this brilliant Knock On Wood set is just the piece to turn our fortunes around.

Show your support for this cracking project over at Kickstarter.

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