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Whilst New York is by no means a home away from home for us here at Coolector HQ, we do love the city and endeavour to visit at every available opportunity and it is for this reason that we have fallen mightily hard for these first class prints from Knowlita which celebrate some of the fair city’s most iconic institutions.

The artwork was wonderfully realised by Massimo Moniardo, who is a freelance artist operating out of Manhattan and who was approached by Knowlita to create his take on some of the Big Apple’s most loved eateries including the likes of The Smile, Acme and Cafe Select. Whilst we’ve not had the pleasure to visit any of these New York food-mongers, we’re very much in favour in these superb prints from Knowlita and chances are that we will check them out the next time we’re on the other side of the Atlantic. Take a look at some of these superb looking prints below:






Though a trip to New York isn’t on the immediate horizon for The Coolector, we fully intend on getting back to the Big Apple sooner rather than later and its excellent pieces of artwork like these prints from Knowlita and Massimo Mongiardo that only serve to make us miss the great city even more. If you’re equally enamoured by Manhattan or have a particular penchant for any of the restaurants captured in these cracking prints then you’ll likely want to get one hanging on your wall as soon as possible.

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