Kronaby Connected Watches

Our smartphones seldom leave our sides in today’s day and age and this provides us with so many more options so far as connectivity is concerned and watches are one of the latest accessories to tap into this opportunity. Few are doing better than these extraordinarily dapper Kronaby Connected Watches which came about from a desire from a team of Swedish designers to build the best connected watch in the world.

Kronarby Connected Watches are building upon age old  watchmaking techniques to deliver an entirely new beast that makes no compromises. A considerable amount of effort and care has gone into picking the best materials for these striking timepieces, as it has into the designing of the app that accompanies it and for anyone after a striking and stylish watch with a technological edge, this Swedish brand will be right up your street.

Scandinavian Style

These first rate Kronaby Connected Watches certainly boast a distinctive aesthetic and a well made finish that is sure to appeal to those looking for a new accessory on their wrist. Delivering an ability to stay more focused on the things that matter, the Kronaby Connected Watch lets you pick who or what is allowed to interrupt whatever it is you’re doing. With Filtered Notifications, this clever timepiece ensures only the important things make their way through and let you keep your phone out of sight and give your full attention to the task at hand – something we’re all guilty of, truth be told.

With so many impressive features to reveal with these Kronaby Connected Watches, it is difficult to know where to begin but the watch face is definitely one of the most eye-catching elements of this first class accessory. It allows you to not only always have the correct time, it can also reveal how much you move, what time it is in another time zone or how long it is before those eggs are cooked. It boasts contemporary craftsmanship both inside and out and horology and tech fans are going to appreciate what’s on offer here.

Another great feature of these Kronaby Connected Watches are just how much control it gives you over your smartphone through “pushers”. These allow you to remove everyday annoyances with smart shortcuts on your directly positioned on your wrist. These so-called pushers can be attributed to trigger various events and actions away from your watch. For example, you can start playing music, take photos from a distance, locate a misplaced phone and much more besides.

Smart And Connected Timepiece

All the features that we’ve come to expect from today’s smartwatches will be evident with these great looking connected watches from Kronaby but they have the added benefit of being aesthetically superior to most other smartwatches you find on the market. With activity tracking, a standard battery that last for two years without charging (depending on usage) and the Filtered Notifications that let you define what information is important to you, there are sure to be a lot of people out there looking for a watch of this nature.

We’re big fans of technology and whilst smartwatches are yet to entirely win us over here at Coolector, these Kronaby Connected Watches very much look like being the best of both worlds and for those of us who want the functionality of a smartwatch alongside the traditional styling of a timepiece, you might have just discovered just the thing.

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