KUVRD Universal Camera Strap

Cameras are an expensive bit of kit and if you like to take pictures of your outdoor adventures or urban explorations, it’s definitely a good idea to get your hands on a reliable strap to keep your kit secure on the go. With that in mind, it’s hard to look beyond this ace looking KUVRD Universal Camera Strap which is funding over on Kickstarter now. Billed as the most versatile camera strap on the market, it has been designed, built and tested just for you. No matter your style, subject or setting, this strap will perform admirably.

Available for $55 during the Kickstarter campaign (down from the expected retail of $89), this KUVRD Universal Camera Strap on Kickstarter will be the accessory you’ve been waiting for when it comes to carry your camera in style. It offers unparalleled functionality in its performance and boasts all manner of clever and intuitive design features which will help streamline your photo taking endeavours.

Camera Kit Essential

A good quality strap is an essential bit of kit for any serious photography and the merits of this KUVRD Universal Camera Strap set it apart from the competition in a number of key areas. This cracking accessory is a dual sided strap which means you can choose between a silky smooth or more sturdy grip and it has tessellating paddles which conveniently adjust from either side of the strap. In addition, the gyrating swivels have a 360° rotation which means they never get tangled and potentially ruin a shot you’re taking.

The Universal Camera Strap from KUVRD ($55) has universal fasteners which will instantly connect and disconnect from any camera effortlessly which means the strap can be taken on and off in an instant. Highly versatile in design, this strap will work with any camera whether it boasts a classic design or if it’s a more contemporary release. You can quickly make adjustments to the strap which ensure you don’t miss any shots and it is crafted from a ballistic nylon webbing fabric which is robust enough to withstand any adventures you find yourself on with your camera in tow.

Designed to work with any professional set up, the KUVRD Universal Camera Strap will really help make your shoots (whether they be professional or for fun) a much more streamlined affair and the small little design touches make this strap a godsend for those who are sick of getting tangled up in their strap and having to stop what they’re doing to sort it out. It’s robust, versatile and cleverly designed which already make it a stand out contender to be your next camera strap.

Great Price

The Universal Camera Strap from KUVRD has flown past its funding target on Kickstarter and given that it’s currently available for such a bargain price, it’s not difficult to see why. It’s ideally suited to those who take their photography seriously and want the sort of equipment and accessories which reflect this fact. It is hard wearing, versatile and has a great freedom of movement which you just don’t get with most straps on the market.

If you’re wanting to really ramp up your camera set up over the next few months, adding this Universal Camera Strap from KUVRD into the mix is a good place to start. Currently available for just $55, it will definitely help you become a more effective photographer by letting you focus on getting the shot and not worry about what your strap is doing. Head on over to Kickstarter now to bag yours for a bargain price.

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