Kahn Automobiles Land Rover Defender 90 Flying Huntsman 2.2

Needless to say, we don’t have £110k burning a hole in our pocket here at Coolector HQ but if we did, it’s a pretty safe bet that we’d be splurging it on this fantastic looking Kahn Automobiles Land Rover Defender 90 Flying Huntsman 2.2. If you’ve got a love of high end Land Rover Defender customisation jobs, as we definitely do, then this will be right up your street and the caller of the finish is right up there with the best of them.

The Kahn Automobiles Land Rover Defender 90 Flying Huntsman 2.2 is a superlative expression of the Land Rover Defender – more robust and more recognisable than any of its contemporaries, the Homage II edition is, without doubt, a retro classic model, based on the Series 2 Defender and this first class example from Kahn has got such a high quality finish that it’s hard not to be bowled over – even if the price tag is somewhat on the eye-watering side.

Vibrant Design 

It goes without saying that this Kahn Automobiles Land Rover Defender 90 Flying Huntsman 2.2 isn’t exactly going to fly under the radar and doesn’t have the stealthiest of designs so if you’re looking to turn heads on your road trip adventures, this is the one for you. As opposed to opting for an ultra-modern construction, principal British Designer, Afzal Kahn, who took his design inspiration from recreating the series 2 Defender, decided to add an old-school feel to this special looking machine.

The Kahn Automobiles Land Rover Defender 90 Flying Huntsman 2.2 has been reworked and adorned with numerous aesthetic, mechanical and engineering enhancements, which includes the redesigned silhouette, coupled with Kahn Design’s usual exceptional standards of craftsmanship, and renowned styling, which combine to make this a one of a kind model, which makes a definite and lasting statement.

This breathtaking machine positively exudes excellence, with over 8 inches added to the standard 90-inch wheelbase along with an extra 200mm of bodywork, just ahead of the windscreen, giving the vehicle a highly distinctive aesthetic. The vehicle also features a new front grille along with a re-designed lighting set up which consists of indicators, headlights and driving light which have been aligned strategically to ensure the front end of the vehicle resembles the iconic series 2 Defender. The interior is clad in leather from the seats to the roof headlining, custom centre console, dashboard, grab handles, door panels, instrument binnacle, headliner, and sun visors.

First Class Features

As you would expect from a vehicle costing in excess of £110k, no expense has been spared with the design details going into the Kahn Automobiles Land Rover Defender 90 Flying Huntsman 2.2. It has a split windscreen, 2.5″ mini projector headlights clustered with OE sidelights / indicators, forest arches in Satin Black, Brake Calipers Finished in Heat Resistant Paint, Twin Crosshair Exhaust System in Stainless Steel inc. Exhaust Shields, 3D textured Pickup bed and Front & Rear Wide Wings with Integrated Vents & Bolt Apertures to name but a few of the stand out features.

It’s not just the outside of this stunning machine that impresses, things are just as remarkable on the inside. Some of the most eye-catching interior features include a Grab Handle in Quilted Leather, Binnacle In Quilted Leather, Centre Armrest in quilted leather and a 3 Spoke Steering Wheel – Billet Aluminium & Black Leather. If you’ve got the money to afford it, this incredible Kahn Automobiles Land Rover Defender 90 Flying Huntsman 2.2 will probably be the finest looking vehicle you’ll ever own.

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