KUVRD Universal Lens Cap

Any photographer will tell you of the importance of the lens cap in terms of keeping their camera free from damage and will also likely tell you they wish they had a lens cap that was suitable for all their devices. Well, that dream has become a reality courtesy of an excellent looking Kickstarter project that goes by the name of the KUVRD Universal Lens Cap and which will be music to the ears of photography lovers the world over.

The KUVRD Universal Lens Cap is billed as the last lens cap you’ll ever need such is its immeasurable versatility. This clever little accessory will fit every lens, will never fall off and, perhaps most importantly, is element proof so you’ll be able to take it on adventures that you’ve got planned for 2018. It comes with a lifetime warranty such is the level of confidence its creators have in the calibre of its performance.

Universal Excellence

Finding an accessory like this is somewhat of a game changer for regular photographers who have multiple different devices on the go at the same time. The KUVRD Universal Lens Cap has already flown past its funding target on Kickstarter and this is testament to the fact there is a mighty big market for such a functional little accessory. This great camera add-on has been carefully designed to fit every camera lens. This means you can travel safe in the knowledge you won’t lose your lens cap, it won’t fall off, and you can go wherever you want and your lens will always be protected from the elements.

The KUVRD Universal Lens Cap is waterproof, dirt-proof and shock-proof and its robustness and durability are amongst its most impressive characteristics in our opinion here at The Coolector. This cracking little camera accessory is as tough as it gets and regardless of the weather conditions, you’ll always be happy that your lens is properly protected from rain, snow, hail, wind and sleet because these clever accessories cover the lens in its entirety and keep the elements at bay.

With a highly secure fit, the KUVRD Universal Lens Cap essentially keeps your lens “zip-locked” and protected from water and humidity damage which is a common problem for outdoors photographers. This ace little accessory will help prevent you succumbing to internal lens damage caused by differing temperatures, altitudes and environments and it is so quick and simple to use that you’ll wonder how you got by without it before.

Your Camera’s New Best Friend

Purpose built to protect your camera from the common bumps, scrapes and damages that happen all too regularly, these KUVRD Universal Lens Caps can be used as both a front and rear lens cap and you can stack multiple caps on top of one another for the ultimate in protection. Designed and crafted by professional photographers, it is plain to see a lot of thought has gone into the creation of this clever accessory and they will definitely make any photographer’s life that bit easier.

Taking Kickstarter by storm, the KUVRD Universal Lens Cap isn’t going to change the world but it is certainly going to help ensure less damage to the cameras of regular photographers. Innovative design coupled with robust performance combine to make this a must have in the kit of any professional snapper out there and you’ve still got plenty of time to head on over to Kickstarter to pick one (or more) up for a great price.

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