La Boite Concept Speaker Furniture

When picking furniture here at Coolector HQ, we will typically look for items that don’t just look great but also have an extra dimension in terms of their functionality and that’s certainly something which can be applied to the breathtaking La Boite Concept Speaker Furniture which is, on the one hand, an elegant and stylish piece of furniture and, on the other, a first rate speaker solution for your audio listening pleasure.

La Boite Concept Speaker Furniture is the perfect combination of form and function and for those homeowners who don’t want to jeopardise their interior design endeavours with their audio systems, their mesmerising furniture really will come as a godsend. This family run business dates back to 1938 (needless to say, speakers have not always been a feature) and the quality of their creations is plain to see.

Look Great, Sound Even Better

Whilst La Boite Concept aren’t the first to put speakers in furniture, of course, but not many can hold a candle to the aesthetic superiority on offer with these stunning pieces of craftsmanship. The La Boite Concept Speaker Furniture use a brand of speakers called Siare and expertly commingle conventional hi-fi and new sound technologies with cutting-edge design, to deliver their top-class, cleverly customised designs which are suitable for any modern interior design aesthetic.

Handcrafted, tangible quality is immediately apparent with the La Boite Concept Speaker Furniture and the elegant, sophisticated designs will dovetail perfectly with the style of more or less any room in the home. Innovative features can be found throughout the design of these striking pieces of technology inclined pieces of furniture and they often utilise the skills of local artisans and woodworkers around the French and Spanish Basque country to really enhance the quality of the finished products.

The Bluetooth connectivity of these desks and other pieces of furniture will make sure they work effortlessly with all your tech devices such as laptops and smartphones to deliver your favourite tunes in style. With everything from turntables to desks, side tables and even an arcade machine looking design, there will be no shortage of options to choose from with these great looking pieces from La Boite Concept and sleek, wooden designs are the call of the day.

Impeccable Craftsmanship

Quality is something that most people will demand from their furniture and you’ll get it in spades with the wonderfully well made pieces from La Boite Concept. This French workshop have decades of experience in making striking, tech-orientated pieces and if you’re looking for something that bit different in your home, dripping in elegance, you’ll not go too far wrong with these excellent offerings.

For any homeowner seeking out an audio solution for their home and wanted to combine this with a stunning piece of designer furniture, La Boite Concept are a brand that need to be on your radar. Expertly crafted, functional and painfully cool, these pieces really do have to be seen to be believed.

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