LaCie Sphere

If you’re a accumulator of digital junk – be it MP3 files, endless photographs or a whole library of movies – then you’re going to need a bit of a behemoth to store all these files but this doesn’t mean to say it has to be an ugly hard disk storage drive. It can, in fact, be a beautiful piece of design which you won’t scowl at whenever you sit down at your desk – allow us to introduce you to the visual delight that is the LaCie Sphere which will add a whole new level of cool to your file storage.

Not every hard disk drive is hand-crafted and silvered in France but the LaCie Sphere isn’t every hard disk drive – it’s cut from a different, far more sartorial, cloth – and we here at The Coolector have fallen for its not inconsiderable charms. The impeccable device has some mightily impressive features which will make it worthy of its pretty lofty price tag which include a high-speed USB 3.0, 1TB of storage and no requirement for a power cable.


Price: $490

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