Lampster Desk Lamps

We spend a lot of time thinking about our workspace here at Coolector HQ and will always find ourselves on the lookout for great looking additions to it. Something that has certainly caught our eye for 2020 is these superb looking Lampster Desk Lamps which, as you can see, are far from being your run of the mill lighting solution for your desk space and will add quite the visual impact to proceedings.

The Lampster Desk Lamp comes in an array of different styles and colours to suit your own workspace and the superhero-esque vibe to the aesthetics is something that will immediately draw the eye of anyone milling around your workspace. There is a vintage vibe to the design of these lamps as the head of the lamp is made from old tractor headlights using the original 40 year old moulds and the striking nature of the design is right up our street here at The Coolector.

Let There Be Light

First coming to light on Kickstarter, the Lampster Desk Lamps have rapidly become one of the coolest and most sought after pieces of workspace lighting out there. And for good reason. Undoubtedly one of the coolest looking lamps in existence, the Lampster has a custom painted body and it can be controlled by mobile or by touch. The App for controlling your Lampster has multiple smart features such as wake up alarm, sync to music, off timer and real time voltage, amperage and temperature reading along with a vintage design. It is available for both Android and iOS.

It offers an extremely versatile performance that will bring your workspace to life. The Lampster Desk Lamp has a 360° adjustable head rotation which makes sure that it is extremely easy to use and adapt in any home or office environment. The aluminium neck mechanism is designed to keep the head in position at any angle so regardless of which part of the room or desk you’re looking to illuminate, the Lampster won’t let you down.

The Lampster Lamp measures some 46cm (18″) in height so it’s definitely going to dominate your workspace and become a focal point of your set up. Each lamp has rubber pads for the feet so it won’t slide or scratch your furniture. Lampster make the head of the lamp from steel and the headlight has industrial grade thick glass. All Lampster’s headlights are recycled or reused parts of old vehicles as they want to keep the product as original as possible.

High Quality Materials

Built to last, the team at Lampster use nothing but the best materials in the making of their first class desk lamps. The lights were specially designed and developed in the lab for the Lampster and the challenge was to convert the light emitting capacities of the headlight, that were designed for long spread and reach and to make them become the perfect day to day use piece of lighting for your workspace and, as you can see, it is well and truly mission accomplished.

If you’re wanting to add a touch of flair to your workspace in 2020, you’ll not find many better accessories for doing it than these great looking and incredibly well made Lampster Desk Lamps. Available in an array of custom paint jobs or as a plain design for you to decorate yourself, this is one piece of lighting that we’ll be looking to get our hands on here at The Coolector.

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