Larq Movement Self Sanitising Water Bottle

Given that we’re in a global pandemic, any products which can help with keeping you as healthy and safe as possible are a must and this awesome looking Larq Movement Self Sanitising Water Bottle is an essential addition to your EDC line up. Great design and top class aesthetics combine to make this a great choice for fitness fans, camping trips and work commutes (to name but a few) and we’ll definitely be looking to get our hands on one here at Coolector HQ.

The Larq Movement Self Sanitising Water Bottle is available in an array of different colourways and has a wallet friendly price-tag of $78. Perfect for a post-pandemic world, it is designed with a UV-C LED purification system in the lid that kills 99.999% of bacteria in just 60 seconds so you’ll have extra peace of mind when using this drinking receptacle whilst out and about over the next few months.

Stylish Design

You can pick a size that fits your needs as the Larq Movement Self Sanitising Water Bottle comes in 24oz and 32oz varieties so you can go big or small with your refreshment requirements. The purification system it uses is derived from the same technology that hospitals use to quickly and efficiently sterilise emergency rooms, so you can feel truly confident that your water is bacteria free when you take a swig.

The Larq Movement Self Sanitising Water Bottle ($78) means no more funky odour, built-up bacteria, or water with unhealthy germs. The LARQ bottle is changing the game for water drinkers and looking great in the process. And courtesy of the lightweight single-walled steel construction and silicone sleeve, the LARQ Movement is built for any adventure you can think of.

Cleverly designed with a stealthy aesthetic, the Larq Movement will automatically purifies your bottle every two hours, or whenever you press the top button so if you’re concerned about bacteria build-up, it’s easy to tackle. The single-walled steel construction is both incredibly lightweight and ready for backpacking, hiking, or heading to the gym.

Into The Wild

The Larq Movement Self Sanitising Water Bottle includes an Adventure Mode that is capable of packing a little extra punch and is ideally suited for water on-the-go, whenever, wherever. Each one is built with a Li-Polymer battery with a waterproof charging micro USB system that gives this water receptacle a technological edge over its competitors.

A single charge lasts up to a month and recharges via micro USB so it’s very suitable for any adventures out into the wild for a few days. The propriety powder coating and silicone sleeve helps to eliminate condensation and enhances grip for perfect portability. If you’re after a drinks receptacle for your EDC line up and want one that tackles bacteria effortlessly, the Larq Movement is the one for you.

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