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Scandinavia is a place close to our hearts here at Coolector HQ and we’re delighted to see so many first class watchmakers heralding from their shores and Denmark in particular. There is another that can be added to that list now in the shape of LARSEN & ERIKSEN and their first class line up of men’s watches which are dripping in dapperness and, pleasingly, don’t break the bank. If you’re after a minimalistic marvel for your wrist for the summer, LARSEN & ERIKSEN might just have the watch for you.

Heralding from Copenhagen in Denmark, LARSEN & ERIKSEN describe themselves as a discretely modern design studio and this dedication to minimalism and understated design certainly shines through in their excellent line up of timepieces. Creating watches which are subtle but not simple, we’re loving the elegant and sophisticated aesthetic of their timepieces here at Coolector HQ and with prices starting at a mighty reasonable £120, they’re wonderfully affordable to go with their superb sense of style. This affordability is achieved by the fact they spent two years prior to launch fine tuning their supply chain and cutting out the middle men to keep their costs down.

Sophisticated Scandinavian Design

Boasting a deepfelt respect for their Scandinavian design heritage and the masters heralding it, LARSEN & ERIKSEN strive to create a diverse and democratic future where good design is both accessible and aesthetically pleasing and this is something that really makes their watches stand out in our opinion here at The Coolector. They design timepieces for the contemporary and confident individual who knows that we all hold a great responsibility for a kind and sustainable future so you really can feel good about having a LARSEN & ERIKSEN watch on your wrist. You’ll find their watches in some well respected establishments such as MoMA in San Francisco and the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston.

The overriding objective of LARSEN & ERIKSEN is to pair subtle and iconic Danish design with a powerful Swiss parts movement in a timepiece that would be accessible to most people and with the £120 price tag, it goes to show you don’t have to break the bank to get Scandinavian minimalism on your wrist. LARSEN & ERIKSEN decided to extend the minimalist design principle beyond the watch aesthetic to their production process and the attention to detail that goes into their different timepieces really is second to none.

Though relatively new to the market, LARSEN & ERIKSEN already have a few collections under their belt and the understated elegance and style of these watches really resonates with our sensibilities here at The Coolector. Quality materials abound throughout their watches and some of the stand out elements include Swiss Ronda FE762 Quartz Movements, robust Mineral Crystal Glass, 316L Stainless Steel Casing and a water resistance of 3ATM.

Decisions, Decisions

With such a great selection of watches to choose from with LARSEN & ERIKSEN, coupled with the fact they are available for as little as £120, the hardest decision will be narrowing it down to just one when picking which is right for you. Understated, minimalist design is the aesthetic that we gravitate towards here at The Coolector and that’s exactly what you’ll find in the flagship launches from one of new favourite timepiece brands.

Denmark is increasingly becoming a main player in the world of watchmaking and the clean lines and minimalistic aesthetic that they’re synonymous with lends itself greatly to creating sophisticated timepieces that will look great on any occasion. LARSEN & ERIKSEN have the dual benefit of not just offering some of the coolest looking watches you’ll see but also the fact that you can get one on your wrist for under £150 is impossible to ignore.

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