Lath House

Located in Sagaponack, New York, Lath House from Birdseye Architects is definitely one of the most eye-catching yet effortlessly sleek pieces of design we’ve seen in a while here at The Coolector. Luxurious in the extreme and positioned in some mighty expansive grounds, Lath House is the epitome of contemporary architecture and for those with a love of elegant, minimalist design, this one will certainly be right up your street.

The architectural context of Sagaponack is a dense layering of modernism, contemporary elegance, historicism, and rural farmland. Lath House from Birdseye Architects is a regionally inspired home that has been heavily influenced by the surrounding agricultural history along with contemporary programming, modernist convention, sustainable building practices and materials – not to mention a reverence for the vernacular form.

Brilliant Barn Style Design

Lath House boasts a two-story gable structure that has been purposively positioned east-west facing and overlooks a sprawling lawn to the south.  The sloping topography of the plot, combined with the understated pool house, defines the lower lawn, pool, and tennis court of this New York residence. The perimeter of the home is surrounded by a continuous privet hedge and anchored by mature deciduous trees that add a pleasing verdant aesthetic to proceedings.

The main residence of Lath House has been clad in a precise composition of slats over the north and south walls and roof.  The slats are both contextual and purposeful in their design, reimagined as siding that functions to provide privacy screening, to limit exterior light emittance, and used as solar shading.  The slatting stretches out over windows and skylights on the north façade for extra privacy and on the south function as a solar shading scrim. 

Just as impressive on the inside, Lath House has interior finishes and furnishings that are inspired by the light and shadow play of the slats over the wall and roof glass. The muted design aesthetic, scale and detail of bespoke furniture pieces and custom-designed cabinetry add a real touch of sophistication to the interior design of this majestic looking property and it’s hard not to be completely bowled over by the whole package.

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