Legacy Overland 1990 Mercedes Benz G-Wagen “Wolf”

You’ll seldom find a workshop that does vehicle restorations better than the guys at Legacy Overland and whenever they’ve got a new build to wheel out of said workshop, we’re always waiting with bated breath here at Coolector HQ. We’re pleased to report they’ve not disappointed with their latest offering, the rather extraordinary looking 1990 Mercedes Benz G-Wagen “Wolf”, which is both robust and stylish in equal measure.

The Legacy Overland 1990 Mercedes Benz G-Wagen “Wolf” comes in an aesthetically pleasing Boxwood Green colourway and the building block for this incredible finished product is an ex-Germany army Mercedes G-Wagen which draws upon its military-grade design and engineering to deliver one of the most capable and rugged overlanders you’re likely to encounter anywhere in 2020.

Military Icon

Originally crafted when “Mercedes-Benz” was synonymous with over-engineered products with a nigh-on limitless lifespans. Legacy Overland’s meticulous and comprehensive restoration of this superb machine has catapulted this Mercedes into the next half-century of steadfast service. These military W461.4 model types are best known as “G-Wagen Wolfs” – and given its uncompromising performance and hard-hitting functional design, it’s a suitable moniker.

The Legacy Overland 1990 Mercedes Benz G-Wagen “Wolf” is powered by a straight 2.5L five-cylinder OM602 diesel engine, which is largely considered to be one of the most reliable engines ever made. The five-speed gearbox has a first low “half gear” to pull the vehicle out of tough to tackle terrains, and four “normal” gears which are combined with a two speed transfer case and front and rear manually lockable differentials. Long story short, nothing will get in the way of a Wolf.

Legacy Overland have selectively tweaked the design and made pointed upgrades to enhance the functionality as well as contemporary, civilian usability. This Mercedes has been fitted with LED headlamps and rear lights, Bilstein shocks, Bluetooth enabled sound system with four speakers, custom made air conditioning system integrated into the dashboard, rear sideways foldable benches and Cooper Discoverer STT Pro tires.

Exceptional Interiors

One of the most noticeable enhancements of this 1990 Mercedes Benz G-Wagen “Wolf” from Legacy Overland is the sumptuously crafted interior and upholstery; which consists of distressed full grain brandy-colored leather with black leather accents and cream stitching. Contrasting with the boxwood green glossy paint job, the interior completes this tough Wolf with a devilishly dapper interior.

Some of the other standout features of the interior design include a custom leather dressed cup holder tray, custom made black fiber floor mats, Dynamat sound insulation applied under carpet, front door and rear side Pioneer speakers mounted in custom speaker boxes and a Jerry can in car body colour. Another stunning build from Legacy Overland.

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