New Legend 4×4 LSII One Custom Scout

For anyone with a love of retro vehicles, the Scout is definitely going to be one that resonates with your style tastes and when they’ve been customised as elegantly and stylishly as this LSII-One Custom Scout from New Legend 4×4, it’s hard not to be impressed. This stunning ride is overflowing with old school cool and the quality of the customisation work that has been carried out on it really is second to none.

The New Legend 4×4 LSII-One Custom Scout is a fine example of the design and build skills of this first class workshop and it has been designed in a Ceylon Green x Creme Brûlée Top with a 6.2L LS3 (430hp) engine and 6 Speed Automatic gearbox. The quality of the construction and customisation immediately stands out and its easy to see why all the custom builds from New Legend 4×4 typically sell for in excess of $150,000.

Impeccable Style

There is so much love for the Scout because it was the first of its kind and a real trailblazer in the industry. The creations of New Legend 4×4 are the manifestation of a bold idea – namely, can they build a vintage Scout that honours its heritage and design but also meets contemporary expectations of reliability, performance, safety, and capability. As you can see, the answer was a resounding ‘yes’.

Overflowing with uber-cool features, the New Legend 4×4 LSII-One Custom Scout has an LS3 and 6 speed transmission which effortlessly powers the capable OEM designed Outrider frame and suspension in order to deliver a platform which is unparalleled in the vintage SUV arena. The Ceylon green body and creme brûlée stripe and top are very of the era and are wonderfully vintage and timeless.

A stand out feature of the Scout is the suspension system which is both extremely smooth and predictable and is responsible for making high performance driving possible for both on and off road adventures. With a simple black interior and accessories which are more than sufficient, this stunning Scout from New Legend 4×4 will always be a fine indicator of the immeasurable design and build skills of this Iowa based workshop.

Fantastic Features

It’s plain to see that a lot of love went into the build of this magnificent looking steed and some of the most eye-catching components of the LSII-One from New Legend 4×4 include a custom triple stripe decal creme brûlée colour match with custom company logo integration, poly-urethane protective bed coating on interior and underside, New Legend bumpers with LED lights and Warn winch and a 6 point roll cage with front cage legs designed for better space and function.

With a price tag of $165,000, it’s clear that these machines are going to be for the deep pocketed retro car enthusiasts but that doesn’t mean to say the rest of us can’t enjoy their superb visuals and aesthetic impact. A first class example of how to bring a vintage machine back to life and one of our favourite vehicles here at The Coolector.

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