GrowlerWerks Beer Growlers

It’s fair to say that whenever we step foot outside of Coolector HQ, our first thought is invariably where our next craft beer is coming from so finding accessories that help alleviate this fear is something that we can definitely get on board with. That’s why we love brands like GrowlerWerks who dedicate themselves to the craft beer market and delivering the sort of drinking receptacles that don’t just give you your favourite craft beer on tap but also happen to look awesome while doing it.

The beauty of the GrowlerWerks Beer Growlers lies in the immeasurably cool aesthetic and the fact they have been purpose designed and built for ensuring your favourite ales are always tasting their best when you take them on the go. These fantastic receptacles are made for beer lovers by beer lovers and this positively shines through in the quality finish and unparalleled attention to detail that has gone into every element of their design.

Beer Believer

Whilst we acknowledge that not everyone will love craft beer as much as us here at Coolector HQ, if you’ve got a penchant for the amber nectar then chances are you’re going to want to surround yourself with expertly designed and executed accessories like these GrowlerWerks Beer Growlers. With the intention of letting you enjoy your draft beer as your brewmaster intended, these immensely eye-catching growlers will keep your favourite draft beers fresh for up to two weeks so you can take away some of your favourites from your local tap house and enjoy them at home or out in the wild.

The first thing that really stands out with the GrowlerWerks Beer Growlers is their vintage style design that has a decidedly industrial aesthetic that resonates considerably with our sensibilities here at Coolector HQ. All the offerings from GrowlerWerks offer controlled carbonation for perfect sipping of your favourite beers and come in a number of different materials which includes matte black, stainless steel and copper – all of which have their own unique visual impact.

With the overriding objective of GrowlerWerks being a simple one i.e. to make a growler that actually works for the everyday man. After testing all the options available, they soon came to the realisation that nobody had cracked the code on a pressurised growler to keep beer fresh. So, they came up with the uKeg, with its easy to use design, automatic regulator cap that holds CO2 inside, instead of externally, variable carbonation from zero (off) up to 15 psi, and a dispensing tap so beer can be easily served without removing the cap. Great performance meets sensational design.

Technological Superiority

Setting the GrowlerWerks Beer Growlers apart from the competition is the technological elements that have gone into their design. For example, the VPR Cap is as easy as using a seltzer bottle or refillable whipped cream dispenser but applied to pouring your craft beer. The stand out feature is the patented variable pressure regulation — that can be set from zero (off) up to 15psi. On the uKeg, the cap automatically regulates pressure to continuously maintain your desired carbonation level. You don’t need to manually refill or use separate filling devices.

With prices for a GrowlerWerks Beer Growler starting at just $149, you can rest assured that you’re not going to find a better looking home for your best loved ales than one of these exemplary receptacles. Given our love of craft beer here at The Coolector, it was inevitable that we’d love everything about these but even if you’re only the occasional craft beer drinker, adding this to your EDC line up is something that is sure to appeal.

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