LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System™

If, like us here at Coolector HQ, you grew up in the 80s and 90s, chances are the NES was your first experience of videogaming and, if you want to recreate that nostalgia, getting your hands on this awesome looking LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System™ seems like an obvious decision to us. Brilliantly recreating the vintage vibes of the original console, this brilliant new release from LEGO is already being snapped up by those with a penchant for the golden age of video games.

The LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System™ probably costs more than the console itself nowadays and will set you back $229.99 which, needless to say, is a lot to spend on LEGO but, if you’re a fan of the console as we are here at The Coolector, it is money well spent. This great design comprises of over 2.5k pieces so it won’t be a quick and easy one to put together and it is actually designed with the over 18’s in mind – given that today’s youth perhaps won’t even know what the NES is.

Old School Cool

There is a certain sense of old school cool to the NES today and people gravitate towards it retro-future style aesthetic and this has been captured perfectly in this LEGO set. It is an authentic reproduction of the original console, controller and gamepak cartridges and also comes with a retro style 1980s TV as part of the set. If you’re a big fan of Super Mario Brothers, this will be the ideal means of recapturing your childhood and your gaming days of yore.

Capturing a building experience like any other this LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System™ ($229.99) will be available from August this year and you’ll need to move quickly if you want to get your hands on one because we’re pretty sure they’ll be selling out mighty fast. It lets you recreate the experience of owning a NES and you can even insert the buildable Game Pak cartridge into the console for an even more authentic experience.

It comes with a life size, buildable controller that will give a tangible sense of NES ownership and you can plug it in and tap the buttons in the same way as the original controller. Perhaps best of all, you can turn the handle on the TV to move an 8-bit style Mario across the screen to relive those days of stomping mushrooms and saving the princess.

Excellent Interactivity

This fantastic looking LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System™ lets you also purchase an interactive Mario figure which can sit atop the 80s television which will react to on-screen enemies, power ups and obstacles. This is a great addition to an already impressive release from LEGO and will merely serve to add to its already substantial level of appeal for videogaming and Mario fans.

Though the $229.99 price tag is perhaps a touch prohibitive for the casual LEGO aficionado, we’re in little doubt that this superb LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System™ will positively fly off the shelves this coming August and, if you want to make sure you don’t miss out, be sure to add it to your wish-list over on the LEGO site.

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