LEGO Seinfeld

It’s fair to say that Seinfeld is one of our favourite comedies of all time here at The Coolector and though we’re not exactly playing with LEGO everyday, we’ve found it impossible to ignore this awesome looking Seinfeld set from the LEGO Ideas branch which will be available to buy this coming August.

Priced at $79.99, the LEGO Seinfeld Set boasts all the characters you love from the hit show including Jerry, George, Kramer et al. It has 1326 pieces so it will take some putting together but if you’re a fan of this 90s classic, it will make a super cool addition to your workspace and a real talking point amongst your colleagues.

A Show About Nothing

Allowing you to explore details from classic episodes, this set is going to resonate with all Seinfeld aficionados out there and even comes with its own stage where Jerry performs his stand-up routines. If you’re a fan of the parking episode you’ll be please to see that Elaine carries a goldfish in a bag in this set as she did when they searched for their car.

The LEGO Seinfeld Set ($79.99) sees Kramer carrying around a massive pretzel and George a loaf of bread for when he endeavoured to replace a reclaimed gift with a fishing pole. You can also celebrate Frank Costanza’s favourite holiday with a Festivus pole and, if you’re anything like us, Frank was likely your favourite character from the whole show.

This super cool LEGO set mimics the apartment which became a part of our lives for almost a decade and it brings back fond memories of all the crazy (and mundane) things that unfolded within. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the Seinfeld (or LEGO) fan in your life – you’ve just found it.

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