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When it comes to photography, we’re somewhat clueless here at Coolector HQ and will invariably bow to consumer reviews of cameras in order to gauge whether they’re the right one for us but sometimes something is so aesthetically superior that you don’t even need to take heed of anything else and you know you simply want it and that is exactly the situation we now find ourselves in with the brilliant looking Leica Moncler Camera.

The Leica Moncler Camera is a visually stunning and, fear not, technologically advanced piece of kit from one of the world’s most celebrated camera construction brands and the Moncler iteration is one of the most stylish we’ve seen in many a year. Superbly coupling their considerable skill as designers with a technical know-how that is unparalleled, the Leica Moncler camera is undoubtedly from good stock and boasts a performance that admirably reflects this.

If you’re a keen photographer and fancy a camera that both looks the part and delivers impeccable images, the Leica Moncler certainly won’t disappoint and we’ve been left somewhat agog with the features and style of this fantastically dapper device. Manufactured in Germany, the Leica Moncler offers a Summilux lens which is extremely fast and powerful, a rapid autofocus, full-HD video capabilities, high resolution 16MP camera and a whole host of other eye-catching features that will appeal to the photography aficionado. Take a look at some of the images captured by this first class camera below:













Whilst not all scenery will be quite as striking as the Greenland vistas above, it is a great example of the exceptional imagery which can be captured on a Leica Moncler Camera and for anyone serious about their photography, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more exemplary camera for your picture taking requirements. The superb looking device is available for pre-order now so if you’re a fan of the Leica brand and want to get your hands on their latest offering, you know what to do.

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