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A man’s wallet will be one of his prized possessions in most cases and gone are the days when we carried around vast quantities of cards and other unnecessary wallet detritus – we’ve pared back and minimised the amount that we carry around with us and, with this in mind, it is of little surprise that wallets are now much more minimalistic affairs that are both striking and functional. Both of these characteristics are undoubtedly something that can be levelled at Wingback Wallets which, quite frankly, are amongst the most luxurious leather wallets we’ve encountered here at Coolector HQ and will make for the perfect pocket ally for any stylish chap.

Wingback Wallets first came to our attention with a Kickstarter project a few months back but they now boast a fully fledged online store stocking their various wonderfully dapper wallets and we here at The Coolector couldn’t be more impressed. If you’re after a wallet that not only provides you with the storage and aesthetic appeal that you require but also has an impeccable level of functionality, you’ll be in your element with the designs from Wingback Wallets. The work of talented designer, Alasdair MacLaine, Wingback Wallets positively exude sartorial style and they can be ordered either pre-constructed or as a DIY offering that you can put together yourself.

Another element of the superb Wingback Wallets that makes them so appealing is just how customisable they are. When ordering online, you have the opportunity to customised various different components of your wallet such as the colour of the stitching, the colour of the leather and even the chance to put your own quote on the inside (with a 35 character limit). We’re big fans of the Wingback here at Coolector HQ and have no hesitancy whatsoever in recommending it to anyone looking to smarten up their everyday carry. Take a look at a few shots of the spiffing Wingback Wallets below:






Wallets are a highly personal and subjective accessory for most men so it takes a lot to be universally appealing but Wingback Wallets certainly seem to have this all-encompassing appeal that is so difficult to acquire. They are built to last and hand-crafted in London using the very best materials so you needn’t have any concerns about the calibre of Wingback Wallets which are both extraordinarily stylish and hard-wearing. A great addition to the fine array of craftsman in London, Wingback Wallets are just the ticket in the style stakes and will be a great accessory for any modern man.

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