Lems Drifter Slip-Ons

You can beat the usability of slip-on shoes in our opinion here at The Coolector but they need to have a bit of style and substance to them to be socially acceptable and you get both in spades with the Drifter Slip-On from Lems. These are the zero-drop slip on shoes that you’ve been waiting for. If you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to bother with laces then the Drifter is the perfect fit for you. Lets have incorporated a nifty heel feature that allows the back to collapse, converting the Drifter into an even more slip on-able shoe that any casual footwear fan will appreciate.

The Lems Drifter Slip-Ons are crafted from cotton canvas and microfibre in the design details which keeps this shoe 100% vegan. Brilliantly priced at just $85, the Drifter represents exceptional value for money and there are available in two different colour ways – namely, Kelp and Abyss (Green and Black to you and I). The microfibre heel pops down for rapid slipper style access and if you’re looking for added support you can easily flip it back up and the Drifter transforms back to a traditional slip on. Win, win.

Chock Full of Features

For such an affordable piece of footwear, the Drifter Slip-Ons from Lems are certainly packed full of features and if you’re looking for comfort and an adventure ready performance, you’ve definitely found your match. By adding in an ultra-thin 0.8mm cork top layer to the footbed, your foot will be feeling the benefits of natural coolness and comfort, with or without socks, day in day out. These will be your go-to shoes when heading out of the door in a hurry this Fall.

The Lems Drifter Slip-Ons ($85) boast an impressive zero-drop design which places the forefoot and heel flat to the ground which is great for correcting posture, aligning your spine, and encouraging mid-foot strike. You’ll rapidly realise that this footwear is a cut above in the comfort department when you put them on for the first time. We’re loving the simplicity of design but high quality performance of the Drifter here at Coolector HQ and if you’re in the market for your next casual piece of footwear, this one will surely be ticking all of the right boxes.

Unlike traditional footwear that actively compresses the toes together, Lems foot-shaped toe box actually allows for maximum room giving the toes ultimate freedom to wiggle and spread – another comfort feature that you’ll soon wonder how you’ve lived without in the past. Each pair is built on the same last as Lems’ Boulder Boot, so you’ll find the same fit and feel in the Drifter. Quality design, versatile performance and superb value for money – the Drifter is a real triple threat.

Leo Davie