Lems Trailhead Version 2 Sneakers

Though it might be a little while before we can all hit the wilderness hikes, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for when we can head outdoors again and, so far as footwear is concerned, you’ll be hard pressed to top these Lems Trailhead Version 2 Sneakers. Boasting a super cool aesthetic and a robust, no-nonsense performance, these cracking sneakers from American brand, Lems, will definitely tick all the right boxes for hitting the woodland trails in the not too distant future (hopefully).

The Lems Trailhead Version 2 Sneakers are available for the great price of $130 and you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck with this first class footwear. If you’re after a pair of understated hiking shoes that can hit all the high notes, the Trailhead V2 is the answer to your every move. Comprised of microfibre and air mesh, with a full-length rubber outsole, these lightweight vegan friendly trail shoes are ready and waiting to take on the trail and hit the city streets, all in the same day.

Wilderness Wanders

These first class Lems Trailhead Version 2 Sneakers have been engineered with a low profile rubber tread that expertly combines the best of both worlds: ample traction on trails, alongside unbeatable durability on the city pavements. Lems have re-designed the original last for a more active, performance friendly fit. This new sneaker boasts a natural-shaped toe box, paired with a slim heel fit that won’t let you down whatever adventures you find yourself on.

The Lems Trailhead Version 2 Sneakers ($130) have an upper is crafted of hard-wearing materials that will effortlessly stand up to the uncompromising nature of the wilderness trails, and also daily wear and tear. Lems wanted a shoe that can perform both on the trails and look the part around town – so they took their design inspiration from 90’s running sneakers and the end result is awesome.

With 4mm of drop, which when compared to the traditional 12mm of drop, means the Trailhead V2 Sneakers from Lems naturally decreases heel-striking for a more natural gait and healthier posture when enjoying outdoor adventures – be they urban or wilderness orientated. The fact there are plenty of different colourways to choose from means you’ll certainly find the perfect pair for you and the adventures you find yourself on.

Travel Anywhere Footwear

The beauty of these Lems Version 2 Trailhead Sneakers lies in their immensely versatile performance and durable materials which will ensure they are your go-to footwear for any wilderness sojourns for years to come. If you demand a lot from your footwear and want something that can keep pace with your adventures, Lems are the brand for you.

Whether you’re climbing a 14er, going on a bike and brew tour, or even backpacking around the world, the Trailhead V2 Sneakers from Lems ($130) will be sure to take you far away from the ordinary. Each pair is designed for the trail but has an aesthetic that doesn’t look out of place on the city streets. This 100% vegan hiking shoe will be the answer for your every move and we’ll certainly be getting our hands on a pair in preparation for the end of this lockdown here at Coolector HQ.

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