Leti Pendant Light

Lighting is an area in which Coolector HQ is sadly lacking and ours is definitely uninspired which is why we’ve got our eyes well and truly fixed on these brilliant Leti Pendant Lights from Studio Macura. Visually impressive and the perfect choice of lighting for any avian aficionado.

The birds which adjoin the lighting fixture have been made with a 3D printer and the Leti Pendant Light is made from monochrome and available in three different colours – black, white and red – and we here at The Coolector are certainly impressed with the unusual and striking designs of the Leti Pendant Light.

Studio Macura are a Dutch design who concern themselves with creating a great range of domestic accessories and furnishing and few are better or more striking than their top notch Leti Pendant Light.

An excellent example of the uses of 3D printers, this fantastic light fixture will bring any room to life. Or make it look like an avery. Check out this spiffing design below:



LETI_color overview_no_code

For anyone in the market for some new light fixtures in 2014, we here at Coolector HQ think that this superb looking Leti Pendant will tick plenty of the right boxes.

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