Few & Far Collective Inspire Before You Expire Collection

Needless to say, we’ve got our favourite brands when it comes to apparel here at Coolector HQ and a surprising high proportion of them seem to herald from Australia. Chief amongst them is Few & Far Collective who have well and truly solidified this position with their latest series of apparel which goes by the name of the Inspire Before You Expire Collection.

Few & Far Collective herald from the Queensland area of Australia and there is a distinct outdoors / surf vibe to all of the first rate apparel that they release and they have continued this fine tradition with the Inspire Before You Expire Collection which is definitely one of their most vibrant and striking series of tees and accessories to date.

Stand Out Style

There is a unique quality to the Inspire Before You Expire Collection from Few & Far Collective insomuch as most of the pieces within in manage to be simultaneously understated but also extremely stylish and striking at the same time and, if you’re like us, you’ll like your T-shirts with a combination of typography and illustration and, safe to say, this collection does not disappoint.

Following in the footsteps of their earlier collections of apparel, the Inspire Before You Expire series from Few & Far Collective typically features a bold illustrative design to the rear of the tees and a more understated piece of typography to the front – a style which is very much up our street here at The Coolector so, if it’s your taste too, you’re well and truly in luck.

With an impressive array of T-shirts and accessories to be found within this first rate new collection from Few & Few Collective, you’ll be able to get a head start on filling your spring and summer wardrobe with some super cool illustration inspired tees. We’re big fans of brands like this here at The Coolector and so far as this style of apparel is concerned, few do it better.

Surf’s Up

The surf lifestyle is a pretty aspirational one it’s fair to say for a lot of men and the great Inspire Before You Expire collection leans heavily upon it with the choice of designs and the overall style of the apparel. If you’re in the market for some excellent new apparel for your spring wardrobe and want to significantly enhance the quality of your T-shirt line up, this awesome collection more than fits the bill.

Australia is home to some truly superb apparel and lifestyle brands but Few & Far Collective unquestionably sit at the top table as far as we’re concerned here at Coolector HQ and the reason for this is amazing collections like Inspire Before You Expire.

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