Libratone LOOP

Though we probably don’t listen to as much music as we should at Coolector HQ, when we do, we want it to be of the highest possible audible quality and, perhaps more importantly, we want the device that delivers our auditory pleasure to look awesome as well. Well, we’ve found one that ticks both of these boxes wonderfully well in the form of the brilliantly designed and devilishly luxurious Libratone LOOP.

This lightweight, wireless speaker system boasts the sort of versatility and functionality that we demand at The Coolector and it also boasts the additional benefit of being wrapped in fine Italian wool – to make it a mighty dapper chap indeed. The Libratone LOOP is capable of delivering FullRoom audio on a number of different levels and it has an unobtrusive, understated design that will definitely look the part from an interior design point of view. Described as acting like an acoustic instrument, capable of filling the whole room with sound to give a 360° sound experience.

The Libratone LOOP also offers lucky listeners ears a piece of technology called PlayDirect™ which, in basic terms that we here at The Coolector can understand, means that your speakers will be completely wireless as soon as you’ve unboxed them and all you need to do is press play on you iPod, iPad or other music streaming device and the Libratone picks it up straight away. If you’re more of an internet radio or Spotify aficionado, you’ll be glad to hear that the Libratone is equally as adept at streaming via these mediums as well. Check out the LOOP below:


Price: £419


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