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We’re pretty big fans of luxury watches here at The Coolector and we’ve nothing but respect for the painstaking precision and impeccable craftsmanship that goes into the making of your IWC, Rolex, Breitling and Baume et Merciers. But what if you flip that coin? Who looks after your luxury watches in their hour of need? Well, as it transpires, it’s equally as skilled artisans who return damaged watches to former glories on their well stocked work benches…

…one such bastion of repair is that of Manhattan Time Service of New York City.

As you’re doubtless aware, luxury watches typically cost many thousands of pounds except, strangely, the ones in Egypt, so you wouldn’t just entrust their care to just anyone – you’ll want someone with some mightily fine credentials and that’s exactly what we have on our hands with this Big Apple based luxury watch repair specialist. Based just off 5th Avenue in New York, Manhattan Time Service have a rather impressive testimonial of their watch repair expertise from some of the luxury watches that they have found on their work benches over the last thirty years – including Bill Clinton’s collection of high end timepieces, which you can see below:

Clintons watch collection

Counting a former US President amongst their clientele is surely testament to the calibre of their work carried out my Manhattan Time Service and, under the watchful eye of their master watch repair specialist, Mitchell Lodowski, this iconic New York watch repair specialist have seen more or less every type of luxury timepiece under the sun in their time. If, unlike The Coolector, you’re fortunate enough to have the readies to shell out on a Breitling, Bremont, Zenith or TAG Heuer and find that said timepiece has a cracked screen, damaged strap or faulty mechanism, you’ll need people like Manhattan Time Service to right these wrongs and give you back your ultimate luxury accessory.

The actual processes behind repairing a luxury watch are equally as intricate as those that go into its creation and the tools needed just as extensive and this is an area that seemingly set Manhattan Time Service apart from the crowd as you can see from their well-stocked workshop below:


If we here at The Coolector ever do have the requisite finances to invest in a luxury watch and the inevitable occurs and we damage said watch, we’re definitely heading to this highly impressive looking experts in the art of luxury watch repair.

Take a look at some of the watches they’ve fixed at Manhattan Time Service.

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