Lifepack Hustle Collection

Let’s face it, most of us today will be carrying around all sorts of tech, gadgets and EDC on a daily basis for our commutes and day to day living and finding the right carries for all this different equipment isn’t a straightforward process but, as luck would have it, we’ve stumbled across a Kickstarter campaign that might well answer all your carry issues in one fell swoop – say hello to the Lifepack Hustle Collection.

The Lifepack Hustle Collection is a series of carries that consists of a backpack and shoulder bag that are joined by some genuinely innovative features that are going to ensure you want this to be your next accessory for all your day to day commuting requirements. Described as being the perfect carry for your daily hustle, this first class series of bags is already taking Kickstarter by storm and it really isn’t difficult to see why this is the case.

Your Office On The Go

A lot of care and attention has been put into the design and functionality of the Lifepack Hustle Collection and its creators intend to make it your mobile office on the go courtesy of some really clever design features that sets this campaign apart from the crowd. It boasts a patented anti-theft lock that means you can concentrate on your work and not worry about the contents of your bag and, better still, this cracking collection also has a 2-in-1 SolarBank charger for keeping all your tech juiced.

There is more than enough space for all your stuff in the Lifepack Hustle Collection and the organised layout of the interior means you won’t be spending wasted minutes rummaging for your gadgets, tech and EDC. It is the integrated solar charging that’s really going to appeal to tech lovers, however, and a fully charged SolarBank has enough power to charge up 5 iPhones and just 4 hours of sunlight is enough to charge a full iPhone.

For the security conscious amongst you, the locking mechanism of the Lifepack Hustle Collection is sure to appeal with its one handed operation and capacity to secure the bag to a fixed location quickly and effectively. With more storage than you can shake a stick at – both in the backpack and shoulder bag – you’ll be able to mix and match your carry depending on where you’re going and what you need to take with you. You can rest assured that you’ll always look great though such is the quality styling of both bags.

Take Your Pick

The Lifepack Hustle Collection is available in a number of different styles, materials and colourways to suit your own tastes from an aesthetic point of view but whichever you go for, you’re getting one of the most functional and versatile carries on the market. Stylish, tech-friendly and perfect for those with security concerns, this great Kickstarter project has already flown past the $100k mark because there are so many out there looking for exactly this sort of solution.

Commuting is about to get a whole heap easier for those with a tech heavy payload that needs to be ported about on a daily basis. This awesome duo of bags will not only make sure that you carry your gear in style, it will keep it protected and fully charged whilst you’re doing it. With plenty of time to bag a bargain on Kickstarter, what are you waiting for?

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