The Listening Cloud

Social media is everywhere in the modern world. We are bombarded by tweets, inundated by likes and beset by pins and, whilst we here at The Coolector are driven by social engagement, we can’t help but think there could be a potentially more engaging way in which to present this data. It turns out there is…

…it goes by the name of The Listening Cloud.

This fantastic looking device is billed as a data-driven light sculpture that is capable of visualising social media interactions and conversation in real-time and, if the video above is an accurate representation of how it does this, it is all kinds of awesome. The basic premise of The Listening Cloud is that, whenever you receive some sort of social media mention (whether it be a tweet, share or like) than the cloud will come to life with a lighting bolt in a pre-ordained colour that reveals the type of mention that you have received via your social media channels. This is a great visually engaging method of showing off your popularity (providing you have high levels of engagement on your social media channels and not the odd tweet every couple of weeks) and The Listening Cloud is the work of RPA, a highly talented bunch of creative chaps. The installation is proudly displayed in their lobby and will definitely make a good first impression on any visitors to their premises.

If you fancy having a bash at making your own Listening Cloud – check out their How To Video.

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