LIVSN EcoTrek Adventure Pants

Conservation is something that is becoming increasing evident in the fashion industry, and with good reason, and the latest piece to go down this route that has caught our attention here at Coolector HQ is these LIVSN EcoTrek Adventure Pants which are made from ocean buoys. These water, stain and abrasion-resistant tech pants do it all in comfort and style and have the pleasing eco-friendliness in their craftsmanship.

Funding over on Kickstarter now, the LIVSN EcoTrek Adventure Pants are available for the great price of just $99 during the campaign, which is 17% off the final retail price. These fully-synthetic tech pants are crafted from 70% recycled ocean waste and a contemporary, tailored fit. They’re so versatile you can replace jeans, slacks, and outdoor pants with one pair of EcoTreks without any need to compromise on your style, functionality, or comfort levels.

Eco-Friendly Apparel

Functionality is the name of the game with these EcoTrek Adventure Pants from LIVSN on Kickstarter and they are positively chock full of first class features which will help to set them apart from the competition for those looking for the ideal pair of everyday trousers. Some of the stand out design elements include an EDC pocket, YKK zippers, articulated knees for freedom of movement and ultra-robust, reinforced stitching which makes them suitable for more or less any outdoor adventures you can think of.

The LIVSN EcoTrek Adventure Pants on Kickstarter ($99) are exactly the sort of apparel that we’d gravitate towards here at The Coolector as it is both immeasurably versatile and exceptionally stylish at the same time – not to mention being great value for money right now during the Kickstarter campaign. If you’re in need of some new wilderness exploration gear for 2021, you’ll be hard-pressed to top the EcoTrek Adventure Pants from LIVSN.

With three colours of EcoTrek Adventure Pants to choose from – namely, Olive, Charcoal, and Caramel – there’s an option for everyone. LIVSN found a material that can withstand the elements, keep you comfortable, and look great while carrying all the technical specs you’ll demand from adventure wear. EcoTrek Trail Pants are made from Blue Ocean Nylon, a robust fabric that’s lightweight and breathable, and withstands cold, hot, and wet weather conditions.

Material Matters

Blue Ocean Nylon is a synthetic, nylon thread that’s crafted from 70% ocean waste (specifically old buoys). The used or discarded buoys are then recycled locally in Taiwan, which helps to lessen the carbon footprint in the transportation of raw material. Plus, it’s applying for the Global Recycled Standard certificate. These pants aren’t just sustainable and made to last, they’re backed by LIVSN’s Fair Deal Guarantee. They keep all LIVSN pants out of the landfill with their courteous warranty and replacement programs.

Available for just $99 during the Kickstarter campaign, the EcoTrek Adventure Pants from LIVSN are fantastic value for money and will be a pair of pants that you’re reaching for for many years to come. They fit well on the majority of body types and though they are tailored slim, they are definitely not like Portland skinny jeans. They fit brilliantly on an athletic build and scale appropriately as the sizing grows, giving room for bigger builds. Head on over to Kickstarter now to bag yours for a great price.

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