Cottage on the Point

We’ve got a real things for cabin style living right now here at Coolector HQ and this amazing looking Cottage on the Point from Paul Bernier Architecture is exactly why this is the case. Located on a lakeside in Quebec, this extraordinary residential property is crafted from both timber and stone and boasts mesmeric views out onto the lake from various rooms within the home.

For Cottage on the Point from Paul Bernier Architecture, it entailed the renovation and enlargement of a log cabin that has been in one family for over four decades. It has been thoroughly modernised throughout and the quality of the interiors really are second to none – and make the most of the incredible views this Canadian log cabin is treated to.

Lakeside Living at its Finest

The property is located in Lanaudière, a highly picturesque region found in central Quebec. Built atop a stone foundation, the cabin is anchored to a forested site that juts out into the lake beyond. Ushered by concepts of contrast and continuity, the Montreal studio of Paul Bernier were tasked with overhauling the single-storey dwelling in a way that respected its rustic aesthetic yet didn’t seek to completely replicate it.

For Cottage on the Point, the design process had to allow the old and the new to be clearly visible and Paul Bernier has pulled this off with some considerable aplomb with the finished design. The architects also had take certain plot limitations into account during their build. Due to the building’s close proximity to the shore, the cabin needed to expand upward rather than outward, for example.

To achieve this, the architects added a rectangular, upper volume which has been clad in an attractive, dark-stained cedar. The east elevation boasts a tall, vertical window that helps deliver an impressive amount of daylight to the home’s lower level. The original building’s ageing roof was removed and replaced with a Douglas fir version and its shape and slope are heavily influenced by its predecessor.

Breathtaking Interiors

On the inside of Cabin on the Point, the cabin features bright, cosy rooms and ever-present views of the water which provides a wonderfully relaxing space in which to spend time. The ground level consists of a kitchen, dining area, living room, den, office and foyer. White walls and pale-toned wood – including cedar floors and Douglas fir ceilings – are perfect for making the interior feel light and airy.

Cottage on the Point is one of our favourite cabin style properties we’ve seen in a while here at Coolector HQ and for those who love the thought of lakeside living, this one will be right up there with the best of them. Ample glazing ensures there are generous views of the surrounding landscape, including tall pines and starry night skies to make this the ultimate in relaxing retreats.

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