Loft on 72nd Street

We’ve noticed a trend of contemporary architecture in Mexico that looks distinctly understated, run-down even, from the outside that gives way to some extraordinary delights within and there’s another project that you can add to that list in the shape of Loft on 72nd Street from Nauzet Rodríguez. This majestic piece of architecture is the sort of thing you perhaps wouldn’t look twice at from street level but once you get behind the front door, it’s nothing short of breathtaking.

Loft on 72nd Street from Nauzet Rodríguez is located in Merida, Mexico, and has an impressive amount of living space which measures in at 110m² and offers a relaxing, restful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the Mexican streets beyond. Built to a tight budget, there is a pleasing minimalistic vibe to proceedings here and the architects have done a wonderful job of really capitalising on the available space of the property footprint.

Traditional Aesthetic

There is a wonderful, traditional vibe to Loft on 72nd Street in Merida, Mexico, and though the original property had undergone at least two significant renovation projects throughout its history, Nauzet Rodríguez, the architect behind the build, saw this as a great opportunity to strip the building back to its original forms and deliver something much more traditional in nature. Interior divisions were removed to leave just the original stone walls and this gives such a striking contrast to the modern interior design endeavours.

The Loft on 72nd Street from Nauzet Rodríguez has a lounge just before the recently implemented patio and on the facade, there are two structures which have been added as a garage. It is in this space where the division of the property and previous renovation actions blurred the original characteristics of the construction the most and have been given an understated revamp for this fantastic piece of architectural design. The interior walls of the property were cut and converted into visible columns and beams in order to open and unify the living spaces within.

The leftover roof length of the loft was essentially used as the backbone of the whole project. This includes an attractive, interior patio that allows the lounges in a “c” layout and delivers abundant light and ventilation to all of the living areas. In addition, it ensures plenty of light and air to the transitional, green space between the bedroom and the bathroom, and gives a sense of calm to the space as a whole.

Plenty of Natural Light

There is a great sense of bringing the outdoors in with the Loft on 72nd Street and there is an enormous amount of natural light to be had throughout the property. This pleasing feature is reinforced by the presence of the long skylights in the hallway and bathroom. Spaces that, without becoming dark, the architects believe should incorporate as much natural light as possible.  

We love architecture that is almost like a hidden gem and has a lot more going on under the surface than first meets the eye and that’s certainly something that applies to Loft on 72nd Street. A magnificent piece of modern, Mexican architecture which does a superb job of making the most of the available space to create a tranquil, relaxing oasis.

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